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  1. This sounds like you have a virus/spyware or you have some corrupt files in your OS.Try to boot the pc into safemode. Once you are in safemode do a system restore on the computer. Try and pick a date that you know the computer was working on. This is very important.
  2. This is a very nice list. I think people should take advantage of this. A lot of people think if it is free they quality of the software is bad which is not the case. The best one this list is Malware Bytes.This software has never failed me. It always does the trick.
  3. This sounds like a driver issue. Are you having any other keyboard issues? Have you tired another keyboard?
  4. For some reason installing anything through a usb key is bad. I have spent countless hours to see what the issue was with mines. Comes to find out the usb key was missing a lot of install files. I am thinking that the usb always hide files from users. I notcied that on many different times. Your best bet is to get a DVD.
  5. I keep my clean at home but at work it is impossible to keep it clean. I try to keep i organized. I have alot of short cuts and RDP sessions all over my desktop.
  6. I love Malware Bytes. I must say its the best one out there. It's a free version and a paid version. The paid version is better but the free one will do the trick as well.
  7. I love to build my own pcs. They are so much better than going to the store and buying s pic. You can build a pc that is worth retail vaule of $3000 for half of that price. You also get a 5 years warranty on all the important parts of the pc such as the system board and the proccesor.
  8. Just go to the Firewall option in the control panel. You don't need that one. You can always go install another free firewall software.
  9. XP is the best ever. It is still going till this day. A lot of companies is still using it as theor base OS. Window 7 is great as well but since XP was first it is the best.
  10. lstryhrn

    Bing.com down

    Bing suck. I use google for everything. f google was a girl I would date her lol
  11. I am with Comcast I love it
  12. A laptop is better for school. Just think about it it you have to type a 50 page paper on a tablet. I don't think that will be fun. A tablet will be good for taking notes if you have the pin and call for the tablet. i use one for math classes all the time. But no doubt the laptop is best for school.
  13. Yes you may want to upgrade your RAM. You board handles a alot so why not. I have 12gb of ram in my pc and I don't come close. The power supply may need to upgrade to. They told me mines will be enough to but it went out pretty fast. Comes to find out they were just trying to make a sale.
  14. I don't even have me laptop anymore. I have a custom made desktop. Ite very powerful as well. I have my tablet and iphone if I want to be mobile. I am starting to hate laptops now.
  15. Wow that is crazy!!! Even if it wasn't much I still will keep it. I mean it is free. But you are one lucky person
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