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  1. I have to agree with Jaypee. Essentially the old adage of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". If however you do want feedback on the companies mentioned, I have gotten very good technical and customer service from GoDaddy. Any time I have had a question, I was never made to feel like a bother or an idiot. Good luck to you .
  2. Oh Hardison-Thank you... I saw the thread title before your answer and thought "Fortran". Mine was circa 1976 and I was a math major. So the point was thinking logically? I ended up a lawyer, so guess that course did a little something for each of us. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
  3. I usually try to use a reputable company and pay 6 months at a time. Not for the discount but because it's easier for me to remember and deal with.
  4. I have used 350 pages or 350.com. Yes there are ads (but you can upgrade) but I think it is very user friendly and not as you said, crappy, at all. You can watch a demo or make a no obligation site and see for yourself. I understand this one is out of the UK and been around a while. Good luck.
  5. I wondered if anyone has any recommendations as to the best place to showcase a domain for sale. I also have no idea how to price it. Is there any good articles that you could point to that I could get a little more savvy. It's kind of like being in grade school, totally confused and unprepared, and the teacher says "any questions?". I am feeling like that since I am not even sure if I am asking the right questions. Bottom line is I think I have a distinctive, marketable domain name (and a load of extensions) and am thinking flipping it may be a better idea than trying to develop the sit
  6. Thanks for the pointers. My purpose is to have content (blogs, articles) and an online store. I also like the business card idea and with the 3 of us who started the site, we can probably all work on getting the word out there.
  7. So I have a day job but I decided to start a website with a few friends on something we do socially (gambling). One night I had a brainstorm on a domain name, I went to search and it was available. I bought the .com and most every other extension and hardly paid anything. Before I could put the content together, I am already getting interest in the site. I am a total newbie in buying domains and am trying to figure out what to do in what order. Should I line up advertises, should I put in a store and I might sound really dumb but I am reading all the tutorials where I bought it (Go dad
  8. Hello, I am a lawyer by trade but I have developed a few websites for my business as well as friends. That is probably an overstatement since I used templates and some really user friendly sites and tools. I have also represented a few web professionals in the course of my practice and I find it to be a new and evolving area in the law. I am in Southern California and look forward to learning from the folks here and hope to contribute as well.
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