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    Nintendo or Sega Kid?

    I am a Sega fan the genesis was my first system and sonic 2 was my 1st game and loved it, I also enjoyed the Dreamcast as well I feel it was underappreciated, but I loved playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2, the first Nintendo system I received was the N64 which I loved as well. I think the only Sega system that I didn't enjoy was the Game Gear.
  2. Thank you for posting this I was going to take some programming classes next semester and I don’t know jack so I will be ahead of the game hopefully.
  3. I have Malwarebytes the free one on my PC and it works great for me there is no reason for me to switch software or get the pro version.
  4. I use a 32 inch Panasonic HDTV for the screen resolution I use 1024 x 768.
  5. Congratulations I hope you enjoy your new beast computer! What are you going to do with your current PC are you going to keep it and use it as a secondary or sell it?
  6. Well if multiple people are telling you the same thing I would suggest making a poll on maybe what they would like to see changed, because as a human beings it’s hard to criticize our own work, and some of the best criticism I have received are from people I don’t know, but you can’t please everyone like people above me have all ready stated.
  7. I think I seen something similar it was on YouTube awhile back I think they used vegetable oil if I remember correctly it looked impressive, but personally I don’t think I would consider buying or using it if I was going to use a cooling system I would probably stick with the water cooling system.
  8. 1. Click the widows key or icon 2. Click Control Panel 3. Click system and security 4. Click on windows firewall 5. Click on turn widows firewall on or off from the left panel 6. Your done
  9. I try and keep my desktop clean because when I have too much stuff it takes awhile to find things which is frustrating at times usually I do a good job keeping it orderly, but when I start doing let’s plays on YouTube or any kind of graphic design work it tends to get cluttered fast.
  10. I like to create characters, objects like weapons, house hold items, electronics etc... basically anything I try to create a wide variety of items so I can improve I have only been doing it for a few years now I mostly work in Flash, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D. Below is some of my previous work
  11. OMG I can’t believe no one said this yet and it’s the most important way to speed up your PC scanning your computer for viruses, malware, and spyware this can immensely speed up windows. Most people have at least one of these and don’t even know it especially if you do a lot of downloading.
  12. Mine at the moment is Full Metal Alchemist I love the plot of the story it’s so deep I love watching episodes that I may have seen already on hulu I recently saw the movie Conqueror of Shambella for the 1st time and I really enjoyed it.
  13. Holy crap some of you have some fast speeds.
  14. I know this a general question, but I don’t see the point I mean if your CPU is outdated why not just buy a new one CPU‘s a fairly cheap these day.
  15. Are you saving your image as a jpg try saving it as a gif the problem with saving them as a jpg is every time you save it loses a little bit of its quality let me know how this turns out.
  16. Yea I build my own one gaming PC and one Hackentosh its way cheaper than buying retail that’s for sure.
  17. Only thing I would suggest is maybe buying a different monitor I was told to stay away from Gateway and Acer monitors they don’t last long after warranty expires.
  18. http://epowell2009.wix.com/enosh-powell Please give feedback criticism is always welcome.
  19. For right now yes I am a college student so I have the student version which is slightly cheaper, but lacks a few features as well I am slowly playing around with similar programs and trying to self-teach myself those.
  20. What size are your images? if they are small that could be your problem the way it works is if your image is small and you try to blow it up it will cause pixilation. Let me know if this helped any or not.
  21. From what I was told in my portfolio class is if you want to be professional use Vimeo becase of higher quality, but it can’t hurt to use both.
  22. Custom PC AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor 8 6B Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 Hitachi 500GB HD Windows 7 Ultimate
  23. I prefer Desktops more powerful and you can’t upgrade a laptop’s hardware except Ram and also laptops ted to get hot fast.
  24. Wow am I the only one that uses Avid.
  25. Lynda.com is good I used it when learning Dreamweaver or you can try YouTube.
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