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  1. I'd probably ask the forum what they would prefer to see with the design and layout before doing anything else about it and wasting any more money on it. Of course I would also probably be rather frustrated in paying for a unique design just to have people dislike it.
  2. I really like creating pictures for things like book covers. I get really into making a good cover photo for what would really represent the book and be catchy to the eye.
  3. andy103


    I actually noticed that. It seems like many more games are being released for iOS as opposed to flash online. I know I see new games in the app store almost every time I look.
  4. Thanks for posting! I've been looking around for a good place to learn how to program.
  5. I just finished a class for programming in R. Aside from that I dont actually know anything about the program or what that programming is considered as the teacher never said anything about it.
  6. It strikes me as very simple for something that is supposed to advertise a digital design idea, especially since there is so much you can do with digital art.
  7. I feel like I still haven't even used all of the features in photoshop to even think about what new ones I would want.
  8. Since I have gotten so used to photoshop over the past 5+ years, I would have to say photoshop because I know it best. I just find it easy to use rather than having to learn another program.
  9. I actually got interested in it back in high school and signed up for a graphics arts class. The class was horrible but I still liked making art with the computer. Now I am studying animation and visual effects and do almost all of my art on the computer.
  10. Usually I don't have a problem with flash on websites, unless I'm on my Ipad. Since Ipads (for whatever reason) cant run Flash it makes it a little irritating since I cant actually view the site on my Ipad.
  11. I think Gimp is probably one of the best free graphic programs out there. I used in in place of photoshop for a little while.
  12. Wow that actually sounds kind of fun to work on, and simple. I haven't ever actually tried to do one before though.
  13. The free, fast, and great unstoppable utopia sounds nice but if I had to go with just two, I think cheap and great and I would just have to plan ahead.
  14. I honestly haven't heard much about vimeo but I feel youtube is easily the more popular of the two, which means it probably has more video choices. I think I'm going to have to go with youtube being better.
  15. Personally I think it's a bit over priced, like most graphic programs, and I definitely wouldn't pay for it myself. My mom actually has the adobe suite so I didn't have to pay for CS4 at all.
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