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  1. Maya Is a huge 3-D program with a lot of power packed into it, making something in 3-D on maya then taking a digital 3-D picture of it, now that's a huge powerful graphic picture.
  2. I would rather get the entire Adobe set, rather than spend all that money on Photoshop by itself, I think it's a better investment, especially in this day and age because if you can upgrade for free or for a cheap price after having the entire set, that would save you a lot of money in the future.
  3. I would like to see a lot more filters, a lot more professional filters that can be manipulated with a lot of different settings attached to them, I think that would be really good for them to do something like that because it would make it a lot more inner active for people who aren't really good with the drawing tool.
  4. it seems like flash is a given with websites it's pretty hard to avoid having to download the flash player because pretty much everything requires you to have one, I don't really see flash going anywhere anytime soon it pretty much has been the industry-standard for a long time.
  5. I love VLC, it's an easy-to-use program and it pretty much reads any file that you give it, I love the way that if I load up any file that I download from a torrent, it can load it up with no problems whatsoever. Every time I try to load up something new to QuickTime or another program if it doesn't work it always works on VLC.
  6. You have to be really good at SEO, affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity for you, you just have to know how to optimize a webpage so you can gain the proper amount of traffic, through your affiliate advertisement you can gain customers. Once you gain the customer bases you are in a position to capitalize once you make the first sale the next one will come, just continue to push an advertis the network therefore bringing more attention to your site and more attention to what you're selling.
  7. I simply love my Facebook fan page the way they design the page is genius, you continue to collect likes and once they build up you have the power to contact a huge amount of people at one time. And because of the advertised button the more likes you get the more people you can advertise to, when you use the advertised button Facebook advertises to all of your subscribers friends which is pure genius.
  8. Paid membership definitely is a way to make money from forums but also implementing Google ad words or partnering up with an affiliate program like Go Daddy could make some money on a forum as well. If you pick the right topic and the right company to go along with that topic, eventually as the forum grows a company might approach you to advertise directly on your forum. Say if you have a Panasonic TV forum if it grows big enough maybe Panasonic might approach you to advertise.
  9. This is amazing now no member of your group can claim that they didn't see the update it's all going to be completely visible. If only they could apply this to your actual live posts on your page, if they could do that then you would know exactly who has viewed your post, you could see just how much traffic you actually attract every time you post something. This would be monumental for users, I know they implement this practice on Like pages but they should implement it on regular pages.
  10. Finally YouTube came up with a way for content providers to actually make money off their video content. If you have a good channel on Youtube you actually can get paid what you deserve, this is actually great news for many of content providers, especially those that are in the music industry. Now the music industry can calculate the YouTube earnings on top of the radio earnings as well, it took them long enough they should've gotten this together years ago.
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