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  1. http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=244236
  2. Don't be sorry. You're completely right. HTML is NOT even a programming language.
  3. vB is the best IMO. Then IPB and XF. Note that XF and IPB are on the same level for me. I like them both equally.
  4. Don't. I originally thought videos were better books, but I totally recommend books.
  5. PHP is just as much a programming language as VB or Java or C. The medium of which it is interpreted does not change its classification.
  6. They didn't hack anything. Their DNS cache was poisoned.
  7. This happens when Mobile Substrate crashes. It's perfectly okay and if it didn't happen, bad things would. Make sure all of your packages are up-to-date .
  8. Right right. That's because you have to get used to having something other than Nitrogen and Oxygen in your lungs. Exactly. And the smell is fantastic. Not sure for other people, but I actually find the smell of smoke (only pure tobacco, like pipe tobacco) to be a bit of a turn-on. Two things you don't inhale: pipes and cigars. Well, you can inhale a cigar, but most people don't do that. My grandmother smoked like a chimney for 30 years and was fine. She died in '09 and it didn't really phase me, lol. We were very close, but if you spend some time on the internet, you
  9. If you're a Hitman fan, you have to like the movie! I am a huge fan, I have every game and play them all the time. I do agree and love the fact that it's not a run-and-gun sort of game like CoD.
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