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  1. The main reason to go to vps is the amount of traffic that your site gets. If your site is still new and it drives the amount of traffic which doesn't affect the speed of a site or if there are no messages from the server about capacity problem, then there is no need to upgrade your hosting plan. The amount of web traffic to a site determines which hosting plan you should use in my opinion. So don't hurry about upgrading your hosting plan!
  2. The only difference can be in remembering short domain name easier than the longer one. Another reason is because short domains are more brandable. This goes hand in hand with the first reason. In terms of SEO impact there is no real difference especially if those domain names are used to create blogs around them. Blog posts can be always optimized with keywords that you can add to urls of the posts.
  3. The best place to sell a domain name is definitely Flippa. It' a well established marketplace for buying and selling domain names. The most important things to consider if you want to determine the price for your site is how much profit it brings and how much traffic it's getting. Nobody wants to buy site without traffic or revenue! The next thing that I've found about selling on Flippa is how is configured the description of the offer.
  4. First of all, I've never done this, but I saw a lot of people who are doing this online. I would like to see more in depth data on what've you done concerning the domain flipping!? What is your profit compared to the time you spent using this model? If there are a lot of fees and work involved and little profit to be made then it's not so wise to focus on that. Because time that we have is much more valuable.
  5. If you want to create a new site for free than I recommend using WordPress platform and create a free site at wordpress.org. I can tell from my own experience that this is really a great option, but your ability for customizing and improving your free site is very low. For example you can't sell it, because there is a wordpress keyword in any free site's url. The second option is to create a site for free at blogspot.com. It's a Google's product and I saw some good testimonials about this platform as well.
  6. I have one more question! How your earnings from Amazon related to your site were approved on Flippa? I mean, is there a mechanism for controlling these claims on Flippa? Or any potential buyer has to believe in such claims in order to make a decision and buy the site!
  7. It's so natural for people to use something that they like more. But in reality, Google plus can be a great source of social signals to your site and these social signals impact SEO. After all G+ is Google's product! YouTube is also a great source of referral traffic. The important thing is to create quality videos, optimized for popular keywords.
  8. To track from where your visitors came from use Google Analytics. Just create an account and install a simple code on your site. I've found this resource very helpful for my site because in this way I can see traffic sources (the number of visitors too) and how much time they stayed on the site.
  9. Social media is very important nowadays in my opinion. If you are a webmaster you can't focus only on one source of traffic. You have to expand your reach and social media is a great way to do that. But, it takes time and persistence. I'm using Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest and YouTube. All of these are very popular sites and it makes sense to build your network of people on them.
  10. I would like to know more about your site's building process. How much time it took for you to create it and what script you were using for your site? Which method of monetization you used? It seems that you didn't spend too much time on this project. If this can be accomplished in a week or month period then it makes sense to continue to do that.
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