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  1. Google provides the ways to teach people and it is one place where you search for few sentences and help is at your command. Database can be learned on google search because there are several free videos posted on the instructions and teaching of 'Database.
  2. Hmm some interesting information about making money on forums that I did not know...Thanks for the info...
  3. Can some expert help me give some knowledge about Graphic and MultiMedia and its benefits to the site...Thanks
  4. I think it is going to be an ongoing work for you...even I am learning the tactics and for the health niche, I think the wise thing will be to select one area that people crave to know about more...I hope this helps
  5. Yes I have worked on this site couple of years ago, but this site is a little complicated...I have never faced any technical issues with them but yes the site is a little strange and hard to operate.
  6. Interesting post and replies...I wanted to know a little on affiliate marketing because I have learned that it can pay fairly good if I know how to do it right. Anyways to answer the post created....what about ebay site and Amazon don't they offer affiliate marketing...
  7. I think I do not mind flash on my website...as long as it is designed uniquely. I have no experience with flash work...I would like to learn more about it. However, I have seen some business websites that I have designed flash and it merely depends on the theme of your website for you to decide whether to have one or not.....
  8. I think both Hostgator and Godaddy are worth a try. I am currently trying my luck with Hostgator and it allows one year of free hosting service but for basic website. A new freebie like me is happy even getting one year of free hosting service may be in this year I will earn some advertising and try to promote my website so that I can start earning from it in the second year. Second year I will obviously pay Hostgator to give me more benefits for the website, once I am up and running in the market it will be easy for me to invest in that little amount per year!
  9. Well I second my opinion for Postloop, I think if anyone joins forums to make money then it is not the best way to start. If one has the attitude of enjoying discussions, participating and at the same time getting paid is one way to boost your income even with Forums. I think most of us getting disappointed due to our attitude of earning quick money and the bitter truth is that the real money only comes with hard work.....!
  10. Just foreseeing the future and the changes or advances that technology has made recently! I wonder how will it look like in the next 20 years. Today we are using laptops and desktops, I-pads...so what is the next technological world bringing in?
  11. All suggestions welcome to this question of ten great freelancing genuine sites? Thanks in advance
  12. What are the Ten things you hate about Internet Marketing?
  13. Hello, I have just joined this Forum today and it is amazing....lot of freebie information over here to read and learn. Anyways, I am from India, a social worker and a therapist by profession. However, over the past few days, I am spending some cafe time reading and learning different techniques to strengthen my talents. I am sure this place will provide me new insights and I would be happy to learn as I go....Looking forward to some interesting discussions!
  14. Nathan I am in the process of designing my website...it sounds like you have wealth of information along with experience. I want to learn few tips on how to monetize my website.It is a service provider website, because I am a content writer, therapist etc. I want to be able sell my services on line. On the other hand, I also want to create a blog site..and I want some ideas on creating that as well. My topics will be psychotherapies to heal mental health illness....I am not sure if this is a great topic. However, I want to start anyways....
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