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  1. How much time would you spend per day trying to build traffic and develop your SEO for your websites? It seems like it would be almost a full-time job just keeping up with marketing a website, building link-backs and commenting on other people's websites in order to boost traffic to your site. I am just now starting to try to build readership at my blog and am wondering what kind of time commitment I'm looking at to keep up with it all...
  2. What have you used for an online photo gallery on a custom website? It's something that seems to come up for nearly every website we're asked to design and build, and we haven't found a great plug-in to use. Clients seem to want the ability to upload their own photos (why they wouldn't just use Facebook for this I don't know) but to date our clients have been very non-tech and uploading to an FTP server seems beyond them. So if you've implemented a photo gallery on a website you created, what did you use and was it easy to do and then make updates later?
  3. I have a blog on Blogger and it's always been super easy to maintain and update. However I haven't ever tried to contact their support... I definitely agree with general Googling and Google Groups for answers to questions as there are SO many users on Blogger, someone is bound to be able to help (or has come across the same issue in the past). That said, Blogger seems a bit 'elementary' as far as blog sites go and I'm thinking about a switch to Wordpress to have more control over content and layout and such...
  4. I learned the basics of HTML in school when I got my IT diploma 100 years ago. Well not quite 100 but it sure seems like it! CSS I have picked up here and there but I haven't used it extensively... I'm still trying to figure it out to be honest. I think I'd have to dedicate a lot more time to it to really get the hang of it. It seems finicky to me.
  5. I'm talking about code, not websites. But yes clean and professional websites are important too
  6. Wondering everyone's opinion on this... How important is it to you to have your code organized well? By that I mean indented, line breaks, comments etc. Also do you follow a particular nomenclature and if so, why? I had this debate with a colleague recently when they produced code that was a but of a mess, hard to read and (IMO) hard to maintain as a result. To their point, what difference does it really make, if it works? What do you think?
  7. MacBook Air (2011) here! I love it, but I am constantly running out of room on the hard drive. It's driving me crazy to keep having to delete apps and content from my computer just to be able to run some updates. Gaah. Otherwise I love it
  8. Ah I was wondering this myself! Thanks for the ideas I think we need to put a recaptcha in place. Not 100% sure how to do that though... off to do some Googling.
  9. Has anyone had any personal success with the sites listed above? I'm wondering if it's something you could do 'on the side' while still maintaining a full-time job or if it's something you have to commit to 8 hours a day in order to make any kind of money. Curious what others experience has been...
  10. I'm just not sure if this post worked since it still says I have 0 posts? Hmm. Strange.
  11. Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the forums. I joined because I am a systems analyst and database administrator and looking for ways to enhance my skills. I'd also like to go into business with my husband developing websites for small businesses. Glad to be here! - Sarah
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