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  1. I've never pay attention to this point.. It's really good that you remember me about it. I see this forums has many useful threads, and it is making me feel to stay here. I through about looking around, comment some threads and that, but i can't stop. Hahaha. Thanks for that. Will check my websites.
  2. That's it... I lost hours and hours making and testing in all known browsers. It is really hard to make something you like, in all browsers. I had a TV Website, and many times i had to recommend a browser. Also, some of my websites are too big for little screens, and for unknown reason it doesn't adjust. That's maybe because i am new to Web Development..
  3. In my opinion it depends. I choise all my products, in the internet or out of it, for the quality, not for the price. Well, as cheap as possible, but it comes that sometimes the cheaper/free stuff fit better your needs than the paid/expensiver ones. I love PhpBB forums, and they are free.
  4. Hello. Actualy i am in need of a tutorial about Hardware clean up. I would like to know how to un-mount the whole cooler, and how to clean it. When i try to clean mine, it is so hard, and i only remove 50 percent of the dust. It's like burn dust. If you know of any, please link me. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello. I got around 10+ e-mails... A big part of them on hotmail.com, 1 on gmail.com, and some in own domains. I currently own 3 domains, all them with Webmail.
  6. I agree and what i suggest is to find out a moderator, with the function of investigating and creating new informative topics. This will give some hapiness and movement to the forums, and that's attractive.
  7. Hmm, it's weird. Make sure you tried all USB enteries, and go in the control painel, Zone and Language settings, and choise the right keyboard. By the way, did it come with any CD for install?
  8. Hello. Welcome here. I am also new on this forums, and in a first look, i like it very much. Hope you enjoy your stay here, see you around.
  9. Hello. I know the following programing languages: HTML CSS PAWN Yes not many, but are the only ones i know.
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