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  1. Small catchy names are awesome, even if it's a seemingly random combination of letters. Look at XKCD.com, a very successful webcomic with a name that is somehow memorable
  2. Absolutely agree. It's way safer to have the public know it so they can protect themselves than to have people only find out AFTER something goes wrong
  3. I think it's hugely important. In my experience there is always going to be someone, at some point, who needs to be able to look at your code and understand it. If you variable names are all useless and you lack comments and line breaks it's going to be a real headache for that person. On top of that, it makes debugging a ton easier.
  4. I've been doing graphics stuff (just as a hobby, but also sometimes to help out friends for a few dollars) for almost a year now, and I was wondering what kind of graphics work you guys like doing the best? Personally I enjoy creating logos a lot. The challenge of packing as much meaning and as many messages into a single simple image is a lot of fun for me, and I find it really pushes me to my creative limits.
  5. My first language was Python, I started learning it on my own before I started college so I could have a bit of a head start on my classes by knowing some sort of programming. Of course then it turned out my first few classes used Java so I had to relearn everything
  6. Jaymun

    Why Ruby?

    I've really been looking to get into both Ruby and ROR lately. My friend who has just started up a couple of websites uses ROR and has nothing but great things to say about it. ROR also seems to be growing in popularity with employers, making it that much more important to have experience in. As I look for jobs, I'm definitely going to be working on some projects with ROR to add to my portfoilo
  7. I'm not sure I have 10 things I really hate, but one that REALLY stands out to me is when companies try to use internet memes to market their products, and have so little understanding of the memes that they end up not even making sense. Piggybacking on things that were made popular by other people to try to sell your product is a little gutless IMO
  8. I find WYSIWYG editors to be distracting in a way. When I get into the zone and am writing code for a long time, having things change in front of me can take my focus away from what I'm writing. I'm sure everyone experience getting "ïnto the zone", and when that concentration gets broken even for a second I have a bad habit of losing my train of thought
  9. Hello all! I'm Jason, I'm a Computer Science student in Canada. I find the more I engross myself in the community of something, the better I get at it and the more I enjoy it, and this seems like a great place to discuss programming and web development with people who are passionate about it, instead of my fellow students who only do it because they have to. Aside from coding and design I enjoy video games, movies, Magic: The Gathering, and I (at least try to) make money on the side playing poker. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and say that I look forward to some great discussion!
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