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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome!I am liking it so far, think im going to stick around here a bit.
  2. When I start a forum I will go in it with another admin. You dont need a whole team of moderators when you first start, you and the other admin just need to be dedicated. After a month goes by you have moderator applications and choose who you think would do the best job.
  3. Well if you own the site you should put adsense ads on the site. That is a easy way to make money that doesn't really involved any work. You can also sign up to the amazon affiliate program, that seems to work well.
  4. On Fiverr you should post services that you can offer that are preferably unique for your service will stand out. Even though your service will cost 5 bucks, you will only receive 4 bucks because Fiverr takes a dollar out of that. Once someone orders your service, you will need to deliever in the time provided or there will be consequences.
  5. Im very interested in your blog for sale. Please add me on Skype at JoshSmith1000. Thank you!
  6. JoshSmith100

    SMF SMF anyone?

    Im a big fan of SMF, its by far the best free forum software. For best overall software though I prefer Vbulletin. SMF is very easy to use and ive used it on a few forums.
  7. I own a MacBook Pro and could not be happier. If I ever want to game, ill just use my crappy desktop that ive had for awhile. Its nothing special but it gets the job done.
  8. I learned HTML/CSS through reading articles on the internet and watching youtube videoes. It took alot of time to get a hang of it.
  9. JoshSmith100


    My name is Dave and I found this website on google. Im very glad I found this site, seems like a great one. Im a huge sports fan and in my free time run websites. All the websites ive run are forums but im thinking about starting up a blog. Well, I hope to see you guys around the boards often!
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