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    If anybody decides to start a dropshipping e-commerce business, SearchFit hosted software platform is a way to go. I tried Volusion and Magento before and SearchFit is the optimal shopping cart solution for dropshipping e-commerce features.
  2. I still use Photoshop CS3 for all my graphic design needs. Somehow the range of CS3 features is sufficient enough to satisfy me. May be I need to take another look on more recent Photoshop versions and justify the upgrade to CS6.
  3. There are a set of languages that represent future of Web programming. Curl, Rebol and Unicon, for example. They did not get much attention yet for various non-technical reasons.
  4. render

    HTML 5

    HTML 5 will be the main web standard for years to come. It is a work in progress and undoubtlly will reflect new web technologies as they widespread. Mobile computing idevelopers has already embraced HTML 5 as one of their main development tools.
  5. YouTube is definitely more preferrable option for hosting video. Reliability and seamless integration with other websites is a way above its competitors. The amount of available videos is just staggering.
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