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  1. Tough question to answer but I personally prefer to use laptop for entertainment because it isn't tight to use and I can do much more things using the laptop than the iPad.
  2. I don't remember our first computer but I remember when was it. It was 1998 and the first game I played was MS BOB. Ahh the good times.
  3. Definitely Facebook. Facebook has a lot of use and everyone is using it. It has games and other fun and interesting apps. I personally think it's the best way to communicate to other and different people from your country or around the globe.
  4. I'm definitely going to use social networks to promote my website. I'll make a Twitter account after I'm done with my website and tweet interesting things about it and people might get curious and might check my site.
  5. Well, I've only used a few image designing softwares but I think my favourite would be Adobe Photoshop CS5. Easy to use/ user friendly, very advance and impressive qualities as well.
  6. Youtube for me. I find Vimeo complicated. Maybe because buffering is too slow because of my internet connection. Youtube because it has more videos and it's basically like a video search engine. Everything is there.
  7. MLKS


    Hello guys, MLKS here. I'm from the Philippines. I'm currently still a student taking up Architecture as my Major. I'm also currently planning and designing my blog/website about fitness and basically my everyday life. I Signed up to this forum hoping to learn new stuffs and be of help to anybody and also if I am needing help. Anyway, What's up? How's everybody doing?
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