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  1. It would not be the best in my opinion, to me it's either PHPBB or MyBB. The other forum software that I haven't mentioned e.g Vbulletin is a bit heavy-handed, it's slower than almost all forum scripts.
  2. I also hate SMF, I tried to start a forum with it, either half the themes don't work and the ones that do just copy the default one with some very basic colour changes. For me it'd be either MyBB or PHPBB that I like the most.
  3. Yes, that is the best promotion forum for me too. I admit, I've not logged in there for some time, but I do love using it. And actually, you just reminded me about it.
  4. Thank you for sharing those, I was looking for something like that as I'm thinking about re-opening a WordPress based website, where I'd need to sell some products, such as advertising etc... this might be just perfect for me. Thank you again.
  5. When I used Facebook Ads, I was extremely dissatisfied, I gained only a couple of members and even those weren't active, so I paid around $100 for a couple of inactive members, if I wanted to do that I'd use one of those paid to click websites. I would not recommend it, I'd stick with Adwords if I was you.
  6. Just checked there Alexa out global ranking of 76 already? Flippin` heck! They should launch a revenue sharing system And only allow me to join the revenue share program mwahaha Well, maybe there are some ways to monetize on it, in fact there's a program to do with images that could do just this, only problem is that I can't remember what it was, as I couldn't find another site to use there services on, oh well it'll pop-up again sometime, I bet.
  7. I've never faced any issues when I forgot to update or anything, I tend to keep updated as much as I can, but sometimes updates are released when I cannot access the computer or I am away so using the computer would cost hefty amounts of money which are not simply worth it for one simple update. To the point, I haven't faced any problems as of yet.
  8. My vote is on MyBB and phpBB, there both absolutely brilliant scripts, and I find them extremely easy to customize to make them suit my needs, as well as them having an extensive plug-ins, mods, themes and resources databases and information available to help customize it exactly how any forum owner would want it.
  9. For me it depends on the structure, design and the topic of the site I'm building with WordPress, as I use it like a CMS not a blogging platform. I tend to use plugins such as AdsCaptcha, SolveMedia, Hide Admin Bar, Article submit front page, plugins like those, that can really make WordPress work fully from the front end and pretty much remove the backend.
  10. wjack2010

    SMF SMF anyone?

    I know the feeling, to me SMF needs an extremely major update to get even one spot higher in my ranking of forums. MyBB has always been the top forum software for me, with phpBB right behind it on it's tail wing. MyBB is expected to have a 2.0 update soon, which will really improve things, though it's mean to be years before it's released as there re-writing every aspect of the MyBB code.
  11. Hello! I'm wjack2010, from the United Kingdom. I'm skilled in using Computers, but when it comes to design and development side of the Internet, I see myself getting a little confuzled, so I've joined this forum in the hope to learn some new knowledge that my brain is yet to seek. And if your lucky I may be able to share a few things, but we'll see.
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