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  1. It's really hard to decide between these two. YouTube is much more popular and has more content than vimeo, but personally I like vimeo's layout better. And as you also mentioned I saw a lot of HD videos exclusively vimeo. I have to cast my vote on youtube though.
  2. Wow thanks for the link! This seems like a nice idea for content locking, I might use this site in the future.
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    It's not that new, it has been around since 2001. Ogre3D is a wrapper for OpenGL, however the idea of such a wrapper is that you don't have to concern yourself with the intricacies of OpenGL, basically you have to do less work
  4. rapt0r


    Anyone else here uses Ogre3D for games? It is one of the most popular open source graphics rendering engines currently. I have just started using it and I must say it's a great engine! I'm still learning it though You can see some screenshots taken from actual games here: http://www.ogre3d.or...d_Projects.html
  5. I am a PC gamer myself but I think if you have the money it is recommended to buy a console for gaming. The reason is that more and more games are console exclusives because it is harder to pirate games for consoles and game developers like this fact
  6. I just use it only for image cropping. When i take a screenshot I just quickly paste it into paint then crop out the wanted part of the picture then save it. I can do this much faster in paint than in photoshop (mainly because photoshop loads much slower).
  7. I did some research and I have found a solution for your problem! You should try out the code below, it returns a random row in about 0.05 seconds: <?php //CODE FROM WWW.GREGGDEV.COM function random_row($table, $column) { $max_sql = "SELECT max(" . $column . ") AS max_id FROM " . $table; $max_row = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query($max_sql)); $random_number = mt_rand(1, $max_row['max_id']); $random_sql = "SELECT * FROM " . $table . " WHERE " . $column . " >= " . $random_number . " ORDER BY " . $column . " ASC LIMIT 1"; $random_row = mysql
  8. Photoshop for sure. It is by far the best photo editing software in the market I have encountered in my life. There are thousands of available online tutorials for it so it's not hard at all to learn using it properly. I also use Windows Paint for simple editing tasks
  9. Here are my results! I switched ISP a few weeks ago, now I pay less for a faster internet I am really satisfied with the new one so far.
  10. We learnt a lot of programming languages at the university but I also learnt some just on my own with the help of online tutorials. Here is the list: C, C++, C#, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Java, Assembly, Verilog
  11. Hi! I'm rapt0r, I have just joined so it is time to introduce myself Currently I'm learning software engineering and programming is one of my hobbies. This seems like a really nice community!
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