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  1. Yes, it's down right now. I'm doing some stuff with the server. Site will be back soon.
  2. I don't think there was much to do on the web before Google. I mean all that existed were directories (Even Yahoo was a directory back then). And, I don't think it's possible now, or easy for that matter, to get the hang of "Google it".
  3. I get about 40% organic traffic to my blogs only. That's because of the niche I'm in, and so, I get loads of viral social media traffic..
  4. And neither does posts that don't add value to thread.. How the hell is that a double post? I replied to a meaningful post, with a meaningful comment.
  5. He's really a helpful guy. Publishes like 1 post every month, but that post is like 3000+ words.. Really insightful and helpful..
  6. Depends.. I usually post on forums that resonate with my forum's niche. this does help get some traffic, and a lot of sign ups as well, if you contribute well to the forum.
  7. VB and C++. I know C++ quite well, and when I started learning C# (.NET), it felt quite similar..
  8. I've used Odesk before as a contractor, and freankly, it's like "OK". Sometimes, only, you can find decent workers on Odesk. Haven't really tried Elance.
  9. It's definitely custom coded.. I think, their forum (http://momenthunters.com/forum/) is also custom coded..
  10. I guess go for custom solution.. Or edit a premium developer theme a lot, to make it look unique.
  11. Can't associate it with myself publicy...
  12. I mean no details seen. Not even the registrar name, date registered etc.. Nothing..
  13. You can request up to 20 domains, but 1 account will get only 1 domain. So you can pre-register 20 domains, but will end up with only 1.
  14. http://www.inlineseo.com/blog/2008/03/15/what-is-dofollow-what-is-nofollow-follow-along-and-see/ Complete explanation..
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