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  1. Yes, it's down right now. I'm doing some stuff with the server. Site will be back soon.
  2. I don't think there was much to do on the web before Google. I mean all that existed were directories (Even Yahoo was a directory back then). And, I don't think it's possible now, or easy for that matter, to get the hang of "Google it".
  3. I get about 40% organic traffic to my blogs only. That's because of the niche I'm in, and so, I get loads of viral social media traffic..
  4. And neither does posts that don't add value to thread.. How the hell is that a double post? I replied to a meaningful post, with a meaningful comment.
  5. He's really a helpful guy. Publishes like 1 post every month, but that post is like 3000+ words.. Really insightful and helpful..
  6. Depends.. I usually post on forums that resonate with my forum's niche. this does help get some traffic, and a lot of sign ups as well, if you contribute well to the forum.
  7. VB and C++. I know C++ quite well, and when I started learning C# (.NET), it felt quite similar..
  8. I've used Odesk before as a contractor, and freankly, it's like "OK". Sometimes, only, you can find decent workers on Odesk. Haven't really tried Elance.
  9. It's definitely custom coded.. I think, their forum (http://momenthunters.com/forum/) is also custom coded..
  10. I guess go for custom solution.. Or edit a premium developer theme a lot, to make it look unique.
  11. Can't associate it with myself publicy...
  12. I mean no details seen. Not even the registrar name, date registered etc.. Nothing..
  13. You can request up to 20 domains, but 1 account will get only 1 domain. So you can pre-register 20 domains, but will end up with only 1.
  14. http://www.inlineseo.com/blog/2008/03/15/what-is-dofollow-what-is-nofollow-follow-along-and-see/ Complete explanation..
  15. =>Alt Tag Optimization - The alt tag is used in images, to display some text if the image doesn't load for some reason. If you have no alt text, then nothing will come up if image doesn't show. If you have an optimized alt tag, then your text will show up if image doesn't show up. This can increase SEO factor of your site. =>Creation of Proper Link Structure - Google about SILO structure.. You'll get more info on it.
  16. Just bookmarking sites? Get some more sources of link mate.. Try web 2.0s, blog comments, forum profiles, contextual links etc..
  17. I have used iWriter, and have got good quality content from writers at decent price. It's not in any way lower quality in my experience.
  18. I won't expect a genuine blogger to publish only duplicate content from other blogs. These kind of licenses are useful when a person finds some content useful, and wants to syndicate it on their blog. If you go after re-publishing every post, then that's fatal for sure.
  19. The title says it all. I am! Glen is a great guy. Providing so much good, and valuable content for free. He doesn't monetize the site, but just sneaks in his own product launches rarely. http://www.viperchill.com/ Just love his tactics, and approaches to marketing.
  20. The heat map.. This was found long ago.. The author is just giving a new "F" approach to SEO. Just giving a new name to heat map. For me, it's either #1 or nothing..
  21. New members to a new forum? I usually go for SEO and promotion on other forums (sigs etc). I don't expect may people will join a community after clicking on a banner. Just a personal preference..
  22. So many cards? So many ID's? This is crazy mann.. It's much better in the US. Just 1 thing: Social Security..
  23. Never heard of this. Will check it out. I have seen OSticket, and I think Trellis is better looking and much feasible than OSticket.
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