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  1. I am now using SharePoint Designer witch is the grandson of FrontPage. It makes it easy to use external CSS and adapt it to your needs,
  2. it is much easier to get indexed by Google or any other search engines. Not sure is the firs thing i do after install but one of the top 3
  3. Linux is definitely the better choice, it runs faster, doesn't need add ons, much more stable than windows.
  4. I also tried a few times to learn PHP but every time I got distracted, HTML/CSS is easy once you've used a few times. I tried learning from books an tutorials but i figure when I will really need it will be the time to learn it. It was the same thing with HTML, I've stared simple and after a few months it came natural.
  5. I like YouTube more, more people know about it and it doesn't take forever to load, plus there is far more content there to browse. Google is great and once you have an account you can access every thing they have to offer.
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