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  1. Oops. i didn't realize it was on the linux board. I clicked the thread from the homepage on the new threads widget.
  2. ^^This. It's really nothing but a precaution. Just go into Cydia and make sure all your apps are good to go. You can also start deleting apps until you find the problematic one.
  3. simple... until your adsense account get's revoked for stealing content...
  4. LOL... ok. We will see. The company isn't work 100 billion dollars. (That's what it's valued at - at it's current price.)
  5. First, welcome to the site. Second, where in MO? I'm also from Mid-MO... Saline county
  6. I tried smoking as a kid... got sick. I then tried chewing tobacco. I wasn't about to put a fine cut scoop in my mouth, but i tried one of them little baggies. So i took it, put it in my cheek and started playing some 21 (basketball game) with some of my friends... WORST IDEA EVER!!! I got about 5 minutes into the game and got crazy dizzy and felt like puking my brains out. I went home and called it a day, I had to go to bed i was so sick. Neer again touched it.
  7. I've used mybb before and quickly changed my tune. I'll give you some support for vbulletin, as I have a pretty good understanding of it. I won't even attempt mybb anymore, sorry!
  8. If the stock goes down to 25, i'd say that's a decent buy. Anything lower and it's probably being oversold.
  9. I've said it before, iPad doesn't serve to replace the Laptop. Apple doesn't want this to happen. They both have different purpses. Laptops are for long-term use, programming, gaming (not app gaming), video/picture editing AND consumption. While the iPad is PRIMARILY for consumption; web browsing, email, messaging, reading and ocasionally app gaming. The most notible difference between the two is that on an iPad you're restricted to what you can put on it. You can download apps and install them sure, but them apps are very restricted. This restriction is defined as a sandbox. When a de
  10. Cats are cute... Cats attract women and kids... where dogs are seen more as "Man's" best friend. Don't get me wrong; dog's, with their derp faces are funny, but cat's don't have to be doing anything out of the norm to get you a viral hit.
  11. What board do you use? i'm curious to see why you say vbulletin is bloated and slow. Any forum can be bloated and slow, it's all dependent on what the admin installs. How they optimize themes and servers. I forget the exact number, but i think my vbulletin page has 20-30 queries and loads quite fat... much faster than a lot of ipboards or xenforo pages.
  12. Cats... everyone loves cats. Upload a video of your cat, put it on reddit and you're viral. Thank me later.
  13. say what? The shares are at 31.94... that's what they closed at on Friday. Now sure where you're getting your numbers at. I've been watching the stock since its release. It has been nothing but rocky. They have had maybe 2 days that it didn't drop in price. It's grossly overpriced. The price point was right, but then CFO bumped up the released shares by 25% and keeping the same price point. The value of the company is no where near it's current valuation.
  14. Work blocked the site... what's the link?
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