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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from WisTex in Remember these times?   
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from deadmauslov in Remember these times?   
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Godric in How to make money on Youtube   
    simple... until your adsense account get's revoked for stealing content...
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    ChuckTesta reacted to JHTech100 in iPad 3   
    Sorry Grumpy, but I believe you are mistaken. New Apple devices are generally on one-year cycles. iPads do not refresh every 2 months as you have suggested. Could you name another tablet for me with this pixel density?
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Victor Leigh in How to make money on Youtube   
    Cats... everyone loves cats. Upload a video of your cat, put it on reddit and you're viral.
    Thank me later.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to KevinN in What's your internet speed?   
    Here we go

    Not too bad I guess.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to Nathan in cheapmicronichesites.com   
    I will say their customer service is great compared to their competition, but the site only makes maybe .05 per day if that.
    Not really worth it to me.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to SpikeTheLobster in The Complete Guide to Starting a Website   
    I always preferred espresso with my pasta.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to SpikeTheLobster in Pinterest - Great for traffic, but not sales?   
    I hate it when this happens. Been saying exactly the same thing for the last two weeks, then someone popular goes and blogs it. Pffft. Gotta learn to keep my gob shut and post "expert advice" instead.
    Interesting to see that I was right for once, though!
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Nathan in Inspired   
    Amazing this hasn't been around longer. This deserves more exposure.

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    ChuckTesta reacted to Nathan in ForumLauncher.com   
    There is a new vision in mind for it now Currently under development but should see something there in the next few weeks.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to Nathan in Dual Monitors?   
    I use 2 23" monitors currently. I'm thinking about getting a third, but need to upgrade my video card first.
    At least 2 screens minimum is a must for any developer.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to Nathan in How to Backup all cPanels on your VPS?   
    Decided to split this post off as it's a good question and deserves it's own thread.
    Yes you can backup everything in your cPanel via WHM.
    Just login to WHM and go to:
    Main >> Backup >> Configure Backup
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Nathan in Custom Wordpress Photo Gallery   
    Looks good man. I like it. you did a nice job.
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Nathan in iPad 2 or The New Ipad?   
    I disagree with almost every point here. The iPad is great for anyone, not just teachers or professors. Not sure what your point is on that. The iPads screen is TWICE the resolution.... if that's not enough to wow you with an incredible screen, not much will. The screen is absolutely beautiful. Go and compare the two side by side and you'll see an incredible difference.
    I've had each iPad, 1-3. The third is by far the better ipad. It's screen makes for a whole new experience. The thing you have to realize with the iPad is that it's not a creating device (typically), it's a consumption device. Meaning you consume data, you take in what it shows you. You can surf the net, get email, watch movies, listen to movies and play games. But what you won't be doing is creating spreadsheets, creating/coding programs or things like that.
    If you were to go with the Galaxy Tablet, you'll be in the same situation. The difference between the two is quite grand. Do your homework and figure out what you want. Don't have buyers remorse after the purchase because you didn't take the time to read up on the two of them.
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Thomas in Do you think this is fair?   
    If you really want the domain... you'll pay.
    Maybe not 1000, but you'll pay for it.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to CHiLL in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    But it's important to keep that data locked down, as you don't want anyone and everyone to know your whole life.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to crumblepie in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    Facebook's new timeline doesn't cut it for me - things are all over the place and scrolling up or down makes the page lag because it has to keep loading. Anyone else feel the same?
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    ChuckTesta reacted to __Darknite in Choosing A forum Software   
    I would say before committing to a particular forum software, try them out and test them. You will get a different view from each person you ask, and everyone will have their own bias.
    Use the software that works for you. But ultimately the software are really secondary issue when it comes to forums. Starting a community, building it, maintaining it are far far more important in my view. That is the real challenge and it should be the central focus.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to Amdac in ForumLauncher.com   
    The current site is really confusing, I'm having trouble trying to figure out what it offers.
    The domain name itself though is absolutely perfect for a paid posting service. Starting that up would take a decent amount of work though, finding and managing content writers and dealing with transactions.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to Nathan in Make Offer or Fixed Price?   
    I want a set price, hate trying to figure out what the person wants from it.
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Godric in What payment method do you like except paypal?   
    What about google merchant account? I have that, and paypal. Either are fine for me.
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    ChuckTesta reacted to Jessi in Is GoDaddy The Only Choice?   
    No way. Yes, they are big, no doubt, but they also lost A LOT of support with the whole SOPA thing. They openly supported it for a while and even though they eventually removed their public support for it, the damage was already done. The owner of entire cheezburger line of domains even pulled his business from them. Yes, most of that has blown over and I'm sure new customers are clueless about it, but they lost a bunch of their loyal customer base.
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Thomas in XCode for apple devices?   
    Would never work. This would require a HUGE amount of processing power that the phone just doesn't have. Plus, it would require access outside of the sandbox that is the program itself.
    So essentially, if they added that ability, it would allow a user to have root access to the device, and we all know Apple will never allow that.
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    ChuckTesta got a reaction from Thomas in Multiple DivX movies on single Bluray + PS3   
    I hope i don't get flamed for this, but it needs to be said.
    You come onto a developers forum and ask about pirating some content? We are all developers here, or are trying to become better at it. To help you in terms of pirating and storing pirated content is completely against what each of us are working towards! As a developer, i hate that people want to pirate anything i make. I understand it's a part of life, and a part of the internet. However, people don't usually ask this sort of thing on a developers board.
    I'm sorry if this comes across as arrogent or in a negative way, but it's annoying. Now before anyone cries Hypocrite, I know i've pirated before. I used to pirate music back in HS. But that's a thing of the past. A lot of time, money, energy etc goes into this stuff. If you're looking to wow your kid brother with something, go out and spend a few dollars. Buy him something you CAN afford. Take him out rollerskating. You don't have to pirate 300 movies to try and make things better.
    Good luck, fellow developer.
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