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  1. Hello I'll be using these forums a bit as a delve deeper into my future career somewhere in the field of Computer Science. I know a bit of Small Basic and am currently learning Java as part of my schools AP Computer Programming course. So here I am and I hope everyone is able to take care of me while I'm here.
  2. Oh look I'm winning, Xfinity
  3. Iv'e never had a role model until recently. Back when I was a wee lad I have always wanted to grow up and become someone who develops video games. So out of my own initiative I started to look into programming languages and the like, failing until finally taking courses in school. Then Notch comes along and develops Minecraft which went on to be successful. Now my goal is to make an indie company even more successful than Mojang.
  4. If people really think they can out laptop a laptop with an iPad then it's going to need a few thing: support for a cursor, the ability to edit high quality videos, file sharing, and a real operating system. I'm not going to hate on people thinking that an iPad will make laptops obsolete, but there are 3 levels of convenience now. Desktop computers are in a category of their own, then it's laptops, and finally cellphones and tablets. I think eventually the tablets will replace the cellphone, because who honestly needs and iPhone and an iPad? Both perform the same tasks except the iPad can put
  5. YesMan

    Can anyone learn PHP?

    I sure hope anyone can learn php. Once I get done with java I'm going to hit You Tube hard and check out something new to learn. PHP might just be the next thing I'm interested in so I really want it to be something that I can grasp with either a few tutorials and then back that up by reading into it.
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