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  1. I've used Actionscript, Java, Javascript, php, and C++. My current work involves php and I actually would prefer Java becasue it's very difficult to debug php, relying on print and print_r whereas Java lets you use breakpoints.
  2. Nice to see another developer forum. My background is mostly Flash/Actionscript but I've done a fair amount of php/mysql.
  3. I will probably get the HD iPad Apple will be making but for a lot of things, it's not as good as a laptop. It's not fun to type on the virtual keyboard and none of the external keyboards are that great. Laptops just have to fold up. The ASUS is a tablet that tries to bridge the two.
  4. If you are building a large project, a php framework can help. I've used Kohana and a little bit of Zend. I can't say much about Zend since I haven't used it as much, but Kohana is great once you learn how it works. It uses a model-view-controller system that you want to follow. Anyone use a different framework they like?
  5. divs give much more power than tables. You just have to be careful about stylng especially since they can inherit styles. The best thing to do with trying to debug your formatting is to use firebug.
  6. I've uploaded the same videos on both and find that youtube gets more hits overall but if it's a video about video making, vimeo seems to be more popular. It's a site made for people serious about video rather than just uploading the lastest thing shot on their phone.
  7. I had a programming background before learning php so things might be different for you. But the thing I found as the best way to learn a new language is to just do stuff with it. For instance, the most basic thing to do in php is to echo a statement to the browser. Just start with that and build up. Make the echo a variable. As you see results you will understand how you got the results.
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