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  1. It's just theorycrafting at this point. We used to try and collect money, but we dropped our 501 status earlier this year. If people want to donate to little projects they can, but we don't try to do money right now. If we can get things back to an active membership maybe we will start again, but the group is a little slow now. The group was actually started back in the 1990's and at it's height actually had land and a physical project between 2001 and 2007. However, too much nonsense from the people on site led to that dissolving. It's actually a grand vision with steps going from ocean to space. It's based on The Millennial Project written by Marshall Savage. A few of us die hard believers in the concept work steadily to try and keep it all together, update the concepts and get projects going again.
  2. CDNeely

    SMF SMF anyone?

    I am definitely in the minority it seems with my like of SMF. I don't have any troubles with navigating the admin panel and the look is exactly what I was looking for. Of course, they have done some major changing in the last several updates which makes it better. It's hard sometimes to get older mods to work, but I work around that as best I can. The reasons I use forum software would be counter to using a paid software package anyway.
  3. CDNeely

    HTML 5

    I shifted over to HTML5 as soon as I could. If nothing else the simplicity of declaring the version made me jump. However, I have been a fan of the Semantic Web idea since about 2002 when W3C first started talking about it and HTML5 is well targeted towards the Semantic Web. Many of the new tags are specifically designed for working with the Semantic Web and I love it. The only thing I don't like about the shift is the deprecation of tables and switching to CSS for table formatting. I need tables a lot for my personal work and I don't think that list does anywhere what tables can do.
  4. I used to use a lot of inline CSS when it first came out, but now I do everything I can to put stuff in external sheets. It makes keeping the websites consistent so easy and I am very big on consistency. Of course, occasionally inline styles are the best quick solution for something you don't think you will have to change and will only be needed within that page. HTML5 almost requires using external CSS sheets to be effective. At least, to me.
  5. Definitely not. I would have a hard time spending the money that some companies want you to put out for software. I have GIMP and it does great for everything I need. I haven't found anything I can't do with it. Of course, I am a die-hard FOSS person so I am willing to put up with a little hassle to avoid spending money for things like Photoshop.
  6. I am absolutely fond of Kubuntu. I used to use straight Ubuntu, but I don't like where the Desktop is going. My second favorite has to go to Debian. It's the root for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and all the #buntu distros.
  7. Heya, I just wanted to say hello. I'm a long time Linux user and Open Source fanatic. I prefer to use open source and Linux for absolutely everything I can. The only time I log into a Windows computer is when I am doing tech support for someone else or using Sketchup. I have workarounds for Sketchup for Linux, but it is glitchy at best. I do HTML4, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and some graphics work. I also do a lot of systems engineering conceptualization and development. I work on space colonization designs in Sketchup and Blender. I am currently the forum administrator for the Living Universe Foundation forum at sea2space.org. The Living Universe Foundation is a space exploration and colonization group. It's my major personal effort. D.
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