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  1. Thats the point, ya know? Just shows how much those retouchers can actually do.
  2. http://laughingsquid.com/special-holiday-version-of-the-video-showing-how-quickly-photoshoot-of-model-can-be-manipulated-using-photoshop/ Somewhat NSFW, but still really entertaining.
  3. With the availability of freeware (do people still use that term?) out there, you don't even have to worry about it. The only thing I have paid for on my mac was the Adobe suite, after I used it for a while and made money with it. Everything else is free. Whatever you need to do, almost guaranteed there is a free (or built in) way to do it. As an example: I just set up some automated backups, but wanted them of specific folders. I was goign to buy Carbon Copy Cloner, but just taught myself rsync instead.
  4. Xubuntu by a long shot. I'm a Mac user and use VMWare Fusion to run Xubuntu for certain things (its my practice MySQL environment, for instance - way faster for that, and easier to set up). Since I wanted something light on processor and ram, XFCE was the way to go. Helps that it is what I'm familiar with, too.
  5. A lot of different things. Perhaps you just want a randomly list of products to display on a page, for instance. Or you need to do some data-checking on a huge table, and just want to spot check a few rows. The uses are pretty endless.
  6. I just saw, for the first time, a site using this method the other day: <script language=javascript> <!-- var contact = "Contact us" var email = "yourname" var emailHost = "yourdomain.com" document.write("<a href=" + "mail" + "to:" + email + "@" + emailHost+ ">" + contact + "</a>" + ".") //--> </script> I dont remember if that was their exact code, but it was close. That, though, only covers an email address. I think the most user-friendly way to do it is to use some clever JS to hid the div until a certain number of seconds. Like this: http://jsfiddle.net/W9YU5/
  7. I was helping a friend not fail her webdev class, which was extremely basic, and she basically just had to make a few pages, and use CSS. When I got there, her page was a huge mess, so I had her draw what she wanted on paper, then we got to coding. The way I showed her to do it was by setting a div for each part she wanted, inside a wrap/body div (requirement of the course for some reason), naming each one what it would be. Then, in setting up the CSS, i made her set each one to an ugly color with an uglier border, so we knew where they all went. I found this real easy to get everything lined up, but I'm sure there is a better way. Any bright ideas?
  8. Sublime actually reads syntax live, and will figure out table names and such based on what else is in the text doc. Its an IDE. I can't use mysql tab complete since it takes way too long on startup (4 or 5 schemas, with 60-100 tables, with 6-50 columns...)
  9. The logs should hang out in /var/logs. You'll probably need to ls -lha that to see whats available, then less some of them. Some google-fu on filenames will be your friend. If you need to know the exact time it goes down, just set up a ping to run from another machine to it. Do something like ping -i 5 [ip address] | while read pong; do echo "$(date): $pong"; done > logfile.txt That will ping your box every five seconds with a timestamp. Then you should be able to do less logfile.txt | grep Request and find the time. It'll give you a starting place to look.
  10. If you are using a jquery script, you should also double check the way you are using document ready. I had an issue with this a long while ago, and fixed it through some careful re-crafting of the package's load script.
  11. Turns out, you can - kind of. I was turned on to Sublime Text by a friend of mine, and realized that you can do a really off-the-beaten-path version of spellcheck with it. I have a few different base documents I use for my DBs, and just copied a 'show tables', and a few descs to the bottom of them. Sublime will attempt to auto-match while you are typing, if you have it set to SQL syntax (which is super easy, I think its command+p, type sql, hit enter - its so programmed into my brain I don't think about it). Theres also a "send to terminal" package, the name of which I don't remember. I'm sure its an easy Google. So, just a heads up for those of you who fat-finger like I do.
  12. I'm probably different then most. I worked for a company with a dedicated analytics team who...wasn't always as quick to do adhoc reports or fix problems as I wanted. So, I threw MySQL on a virtual ubuntu machine, read w3schools...and now I'm finishing the study guide for my certification. In about 5 months, I've gone from nothing to pretty crafty. Helps a lot that its a lot like speaking.
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