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  1. It is important for blogs, so you can keep your audience happy and hungry for more. If you have a how to website, it is not that important of course. Anyway, that video is what you were looking for I think. Most of these factors are not that hard to figure out once you experiment a little.
  2. There are a lot of articles writers on freelancer, that write 500 word articles for as low as $1, but you can imagine the quality. Also, $15-20 for a 500-700 word article is too much, even if the writer is native american. Just my thoughts.
  3. I use a program to scrape high pr blogs for tier 1, medium for tier 2 and everything else for tier 3 and it seems to work good. That is unless I buy 200-500 quality links from a network, which is expensive in most cases.
  4. I like to write the articles for my sites myself, this way I have full control over the whole optimization (keyword density, linking to other articles etc). For backlinks, well, I mostly buy them although the ultimate solution would be to build your own blog network. The whole process takes longer at the beginning of a new website, then it gets easier with time.
  5. Sure, if all you use the computer for is browsing the internet, watching movies and listening to music. While I know there are other things to do on a Linux machine, it is very limited compared to windows and mac. What I would do OP is buy a Mac and put Windows on it.
  6. To give you an idea, I had a small website back in 2010 that was doing ok (adsense wise) until one day when I started receiving around 25k UV per day. I was not prepared, and since the website was in the flash games niche, the host couldn't handle the traffic and I ended up losing a lot of visitors and money. Since then I bought not one but multiple vps major countries around the world (to reduce load times as much as possible) and things are looking good. Also, a vps is actually not that expensive. If you make $2-3k a month, surely you can afford one. For smaller websites, a $10 a month hosti
  7. While it is good at preventing ddos attacks, it will not handle a large site that is under attack by a smart attacker or a group of attackers. I know because it happened with blackhatworld, and that is a website that can't mess around with losing visitors so they switched to another solution fast. From my experience it is okay, but I don't have a top 500 website to say anything else.
  8. Short domain names have been massively bought by site flippers. When the domain is aged it is usually purely sold for it name, not its content backlinks etc. LLLL domains can go very high if you take a look at flippa for example, even names that don't make much sense. Not to mention that if you have a good earning history with proof, you can get double the money. So yeah, go for shorter length when buying a domain, it is also easier to remember if you are trying to do some branding for your business.
  9. I recently got a good discount at a hosting company on Cyber Monday, and pay only half their normal price for life, which is only $3.5 with dedicated ip per month. I chose to pay monthly with automatic rebilling because it is more convenient for me this way, and also the discount when paying for a full year wasn't that great. Hope this helps!
  10. Support is practically non existing, but their blog platform is pretty good for ranking keywords in google. I had some succes using it. I wouldn't recommend it if you plan on opening an authority site since they can always shut you down. The better option would be to buy your own domain install wordpress and go from there.
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