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  1. I also use namecheap for all my domains. I love their rates and would recommend it to anyone who wants a domain name.
  2. I have no idea how it works. I normally leave it to the hosting companies who will do the whole process for you. All you need to do is pay a small fee for the process.
  3. I am currently hosting at namecheap.com which works well. They have good hosting plans depending on your site needs. I have been with them for a year now and they have not disappointed me so far.
  4. $1 hosting always some strings attached. I do not think any company will freely offer to allow you to use their expensive servers for only $1 per month. Most companies that are reputable in the hosting business the minimum they can go is $5 peer month.
  5. Even though it is cheap to buy a yearly plan, it is better to buy a monthly plan. I would go for a yearly plan if am hosting a business which is already established will not fail any time soon. Other than that, I will stick to monthly plan.
  6. I think it is possible to make money from forums just depending on your activities. Like postloop offers such ways of earning from your posts and other companies. You can also post your ebook among other products on forums and see if they get customers.
  7. Sorry could not find the page but from reading the replies, It must have been some great news. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Well every method is bond to take sometime before you can start earning a lot time. At least yours is free. Some people would have offered the same method at high rates as if it will make you rich overnight. Thanks for the tips.
  9. Simply use ads to monetize your blog. It will depend on the network. Like for Adsense it has strict rules but pays well. Then there is direct advertiser who might also contact you to advertise for them. So it will differ from method to method.
  10. Even if they are the main source of income for website owners, they should be kept at a minimum. It is better to have a few ads like two per page and also not too big covering most parts of the main content. This drive away your readers. This is why more and more people are installing adblock extension to lock out this ads from appearing.
  11. Not really, Windows XP I think it now time to move on. I would advise you to choose Windows 7 because it has more usability features and it is now the best OS ever in my opinion.
  12. VLC will take care of this problem. I have been using VLC for a very long time and it tends to run most of the media files. If it becomes a problem, try using GOM player which also has a wide range of formats in its library.
  13. I had used it before but it was not that good. I hope now they have added more cool features and it will be impressive. From what people are saying in the replies, I might try it out just to see how it compares with the others.
  14. I always tend to keep my desktop clean everyday. I normally remove the unused icons and folders non the desktop. This makes it easy for my Windows to load also keeps the desktop presentable.
  15. I just had to bookmark this page. This is a nice list for those guys who are computer savvy and need softwares to troubleshoot common occurring problems in the computing world.
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