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  1. Except for the predefined templates, you can do all of that in Notepad++ or any other decent text editor.
  2. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? PM me if you need any help, I'm quite good with HTML and CSS.
  3. Well, MVC is not the only method. I just mentioned it because it is very popular for new software packages these days but there are also lots that use different design patterns although object oriented programming really only becomes useful when you are dealing with large projects and complex data structures. Not so much with simple form parsing or user logins.
  4. crazycroc

    PHP IDE?

    This is also a good choice, I've spent a lot of time programming Java in Netbeans.
  5. Try this: http://anantgarg.com/2009/03/13/write-your-own-php-mvc-framework-part-1/ MVC or model view controller is a very popular design for software these days and this tutorial uses object oriented PHP to implement a website.
  6. I find using random questions to be the most effective because it is very hard to write software that circumvents this. There are a variety of fancy ones that randomly generate different patterns or words for your users to type out but these are the ones that are most targeted by spam software.
  7. That's part of the reason I got the MacBook pro retina instead of the Air. It is very similar in terms of size but has much better specs and doesn't get skinnier towards the front edge so it feels a lot more sturdy.
  8. It was never free, don't spread misinformation. CS2 is no longer offered for sale but they offered a new download/installer that doesn't require a serial number after they took down the activation servers so those with legitimate licenses could still reinstall it. Using it without a license would still be illegal and basically what you're saying is that any software without DRM is "free".
  9. crazycroc

    SMF SMF anyone?

    I'm currently running myBB (free) and XenForo (paid) on my forums. Way back I gave phpBB and SMF both a try and found myBB to be the best one in the free forum market.
  10. This is not too bad for what I'm paying IMO
  11. In high school the first thing I learned was this awful old language called Quick Basic, from there we moved on to Visual Basic.
  12. I agree with you 100% about professionalism, I remember in school my classmates never indented their code which made it a huge pain in the ass to help troubleshoot. No matter how many times I would tell them their code would always look like a mess. I wanted to ask though why you code your HTML like that? Usually HTML is considered best to be indented however with static HTML files basically nonexistent on the web these days and template systems that garble up your HTML before displaying it, I must admit that it is more difficult to get the results you want.
  13. 000webhost is pretty good. In terms of features they are comparable to a paid host with databases and emailing allowed but let me tell you that they limit you far before 100GB of bandwidth and aren't very helpful in terms of support. I had my site removed without any notice before I moved over to a paid host. Presumably because my site was too resource intensive.
  14. This was what I was going to suggest, it works because you don't have to rely on mySQL to arrange the entire database (doesn't matter what the order is)and taking the first row. Instead you are simply generating a random number and then requesting that specific row number which is clearly much faster.
  15. I like Mint a lot which I see is becoming a real favorite of a lot of people moving over from Ubuntu (ugh, Unity) but I think they need to get things together with the separate desktop environments and combine things together into one.
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