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  1. If you're JUST beginning to get into learning design, Photoshop wouldn't really be the way to go for a sheer beginner. If I were a sheer beginner getting into design, I would first practice my skills with free software available (and may I add there are quite a lot of good ones out there which are free). That said, if a beginner were to start with Photoshop from the bat, he wouldn't need to get used to using other programs and would just be used to designing in Photoshop (which is all you need really).
  2. I've tried them and they're extremely well designed! It's feel is so good and simple. You may think that one small drop would shatter it to bits but that's not the case. It has the capability to withstand a reasonable falling height. It's super fast as well (especially when you compare it with other ultra books), and that speed remains for a very long time. It's resolution is a teeny bit lower than the Macbook Pro, but it's still very beautiful.
  3. You could go with 000webhost. They're very reliable in terms of both up time and management. They do have a limit of 100GB bandwidth-wise but it's great for low or medium level sites. I've tried them myself and have had zero problems so far. I've also heard considerably great reviews about them from other sources a lot of times.
  4. As enim mentioned, you can never go wrong with jQuery. It's amazing how it makes your life so much easier. You could add some lines to hide the div in the $(document).ready function in your script 'like a fade out statement to make it more elegant if it works with the website'. If you want to do it with CSS, try the 'visibility: hidden' property. That should work with what you're trying to do.
  5. Do you guys think the socket library is useful? I find it a bit complicated at the moment (probably because I don't have a lot of experience with JavaScript at the moment) but I've seen some real neat real-time websites be built through this little library. I might consider diving into it's mechanics sometime soon because what it offers looks so tempting to learn. But what're your thoughts?
  6. I think you should stick with this one! It's really simple and really easy to navigate. Plus, it's got some nice and simple buttons which are always nice. This is by far the simplest and elegant theme I've seen in a long time. However, if you still think it needs a change, I'd suggest something similar to this one or even a few revamps to the current one (like come color changes, add some simple features, etc).
  7. devilishomar

    HTML 5

    I have started using some aspects of HTML 5 on my website. They're really useful and fun to use! It's just made life so much easier with all the new features it's brought. Plus, it's made my JavaScript life a lot easier with the introduction of HTML 5 canvas's. All in all, I think we should all use the new features HTML 5 has brought to us. After all, it's all for the best!
  8. I do indeed use external CSS. It's just a more organized way of doing things and it looks really messy when you mix up a whole bunch of CSS with HTML, even if it's short code. Though I do admit on being lazy sometimes and doing the css and html all internally when I'm testing some techniques, I think we should stick with doing it externally
  9. I learned HTML and CSS all by practice really. I did however read a book called 'How to build websites' I think it was called, which is a great and colorful book which goes through all the common and even uncommon features of both HTML and CSS and introduces you to new ways of coding. It also provides you with detail of the old style of writing code just to give you an idea. It's all about practice really. The more you practice, the better you'll get.
  10. Short domains tend to be the most popular ones. For example, apple.com is a short, simple and intuitive name to give to a website and it represents the comapny perfectly. Having said that, however, if the long domain makes sense or is catchy in some ways which may make it easy to remember, it won't make much of a difference. Facebook is a mediocre level domain name and it's very popular.
  11. I prefer yearly payments, especially when I'm buying from a well established company. It's just more easier to manage and you don't have the pressure of forgetting to pay your dues every month. Despite some people forgetting to renew their domain even when on a yearly payment, I think it's the best option for me. It's cheaper as well.
  12. Most of the time when I encounter Flash on a website, it's presented in a much subtle manner (with the exception of ads). This may be due to the volatile nature of Flash (not being suitable for poorly created apps or animations) which may have encouraged developers to produce much neater and intuitive applications on Flash. So I would say i'm for Flash for the most part.
  13. Beautiful! Thanks for the share, I'm sure this will come handy in one of my projects. However I noticed that (on Google Chrome at least), the scroll bar flickers about every 0.2 seconds. A little glitch I'm sure we can fix. I'll post a fix if i'm able to find one :-)
  14. I have used multiple editors when I first started out and the first thing I looked for was simplicity and good design (for my eye candy standards). I tried Visual Studio, and though it had a good design, it wasn't simple. There's just so many buttons! I then tried Netbeans. Netbeans was okay, but when I heard about Eclipse and tried the latter, it turned out to be much better in terms of both design and simplicity. So I would suggest you give Eclipse a try.
  15. devilishomar


    Hello everyone! It's your friendly fellow neighborhood programmer here! And boy am I excited to be a part of this community. What really caught me to come here is it's lovely design. The logo is beautifully made, and the website just seems to flow like water. I can't wait to share my coding adventures with you guys! *jumps up in excitement* I'm a programmer (I hope I'm allowed to call myself that) who loves to draw (in real life, just to be sure). My current language of choice is JavaScript (another reason I'm here). I am relatively new to programming, having experienced the nature of many languages (C++, Java, little bit of C, Python, Processing, etc.) and what really drove me towards JavaScript was it's simplicity and it's forgiving nature (whoops?). I hope you all share my enthusiasm for the art that programming is (and I'm sure you all do). So let's start this coding adventure!
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