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  1. Seems like noone has any info or suggestions, so I guess I'll go with 1freehosting and see how things work out. I myself poked around and I found some favorable reviews on them hopefully they are true.
  2. Lol yeah I know the saying you get what you pay for and with free hosting I shouldn't have any big expectations, but I want to start building my site on a free host and once everything is done I'd probably swtich to a paid hosting depending on my needs. I checked few and the one that cought my eye was 1freehosting.com Has anyone tried it? Are they reliable? What's the uptime and is it safe or once I register they will start selling my mail and I'll start receiving spam mail nonstop? Any information and suggestion would be appreciate it.
  3. Hello all. My name is Viktor. I'm currently a student and since I have a lot of free time on my hands I've been having some thoughts of creating a site in my free time. I have some ideas, but before I start doing anything I'd like to first check on some important parts like hosting and finding a decent template for my site. I'm hoping that i can find good suggestions on those questions and possible even find more questions and answers to things that haven't crossed my mind yet.
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