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  1. Cant beleive I watched the whole thing, interesting video
  2. I think it is silly as well, I love pets and my cats but I would never start a social network for them or pretend to be them and make postings as them... and the pets arent going to understand anyway... they do not have human brains.
  3. I would never pay a large amount for a program or any program for that matter, and why when you can get it... free? I wont say how you can get it free but you can there are tutorials on youtube, its not exactly legal though, I got photoshop free some time ago, but found it to be too confusing so I removed it off my computer.
  4. Right now the forum seems bright, too much white. I think it would look nicer if the forum was darker so that way it is easy on the eyes. Just a suggestion.
  5. I am jealous! wish I had a awesome computer like that instead I am stuck with a crummy netbook... better than nothing though I suppose! Hope you enjoy your new computer!
  6. To clean up my PC I use Advanced Systemcare, it is effective it works and it is not complicating to use nor does it take forever cleaning your PC and scanning it etc. I love it! Plus it lets you know when your PC has problems.
  7. I like the idea of posting in forums etc to earn money or points that can be used towards prizes/gifts. I think it is a neat idea, unlike GPT sites where you sit there all day doing offers for pennys and sometimes not getting credited, resulting in a waste of time. Posting in forums is easy and you know your getting paid!
  8. I have no problems with flash, it loads up webpages nicely plus it works with YouTube, I dont think I could use YouTube without or or play videos! Plus I heard HTML 5 causes some videos not to play on YouTube.
  9. ALL ads's annoy me in general! I absolutely HATE them! they are so annoying and upsetting! also on certain webpages I swear ad's slow websites down. I also hate if I am reading a article online and this huge ad pops up covering the article so I cant read it. Grrrrr.... I also despise the ad's that pop up asking you if your sure you want to leave a page, its like YES I AM SURE. Wonder if ad block really helps in removing all ads?,
  10. Hello everyone! I am new here as you may of guessed and I cant wait to post in the forums!
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