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  1. Can't satisfy everyone..but as others are saying, if it's a universal view, then you may as well change it. I guess it depends on what the purpose of creating the forum is, and whether changing it would align with that purpose or take away from it.
  2. Vimeo has this premium feel to it that makes it good for high quality videos. But if I'm honest I watch a lot more crap, which Youtube has in tones. Vimeo has better quality, Youtube has better content. Content trumps quality in this case. Although they keep on messing with the Youtube GUI which is irritating.
  3. I'm new to this sort of stuff. Is there any way buying/gaining links can backfire massively, like what happened (albeit temporarily) to Rap Genius. Also If I had like a $0 Budget, would guest posting and anon posting be the only way to gain links? Would doing something like what Marc said on the previous page work in a meaningful way?
  4. Technology will become more pervasive for sure. There's this concept called ubiquitous computing which essentially means that instead of us accommodating our lives for the computer, the computer is moulded into our everyday lives. So say, rather than having to sit a desktop and switch on a PC, you can go to the coffee store with a laptop or a phone. There used to be a time where computers take up an entire wall of a room and now they fit into our pockets! I think this trend will continue.
  5. Started using GIMP when I first started doing any design stuff. I think I just stick with it now because I just have a level of comfort with it, that I wouldn't with other programs. It would probably be better to learn Photoshop now, but GIMP has all I really need, so I'm happy with it.
  6. I started with codecademy just so I could get the basics. I thought their course was really useful and easy to do so I was happy I could get through it. Then I started to just experiment with creating my own websites and trying to recreate website designs I've seen. I really just wanted to make cool websites/landing pages and just kept going at it.
  7. First language I learnt was Haskell. Hated it at the time, but persisted, and looking back I think it useful. I think I would have enjoyed learning Java first though. Especially with something like eclipse. Although when I did learn it, it still took me a while to pick it up.
  8. senji

    Hi Lads!

    Hi! I'm Senji. Love tech and coding so much that I chose to study the stuff, and hope to one day do it for a living! Started my first personal project a few months ago and realised just how little I knew Although, it was ambitious as me and a couple friends are trying to create a social network. Hoping to get some tips and advice from fellow coders, and I'll do my best to give some tips back in return from what I've learnt!
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