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  1. Yup completely free to play. You have to try it out, at first you won't like it because you might think it's too complicated but it's not. It's the number one multiplayer game world wide!
  2. qaximor


    Not a lot but thing got a lot better and more people came in to play so that what makes it really cool especially the PVP first time I played something like that so I really enjoy it from time to time but I am not hooked up on it yet.
  3. Ughh Dreamweaver used it a lot before really hate it because of how annoying it is and how it codes everything. I'd rather code everything by my self so I know what is what and which is which so when I go back to my code I can know what to edit and what not to.
  4. I usually use pandora so it's random songs but I would suggest listning to Mumfrod and Sons - Babel
  5. Any League of Legends here in this forum? If yes you can post your summoner name and which server you play on. I play Thresh. EUW server you can add me on fk the pawlice.
  6. You do have a nice set up but I would choose AMD over nVidia haha because I mine coins. AMD FTW. Do I need to download the software to know mine? I got an AMD 7970 3G, 16 GB RAM, i7 3.6 GHz
  7. I would suggest you to sign up for teamtreehouse.com. That's how I learned everything about coding, graphics, programming and everything about creating a website to publishing it. It's worth every cent!
  8. I never really tried to sell or offer my designing services but If I did I would sell my services for a full website coding and designing about 1k-1.5k most website ask for more but I'd go less money and more costumers
  9. I'd give them the option for the default theme and the theme that I did. If they don't like both then they have to wait for the next theme update. I don't think that a theme would impact the users that much that they would just stop using the forum. Maybe they would not like it but it wont get to the part where they just stop visiting.
  10. Thank you for the info and links. I usually don't use any Anti viruses because they are really annoying to me whenever I download a game or a program it interferes with it which I hate dealing with,
  11. qaximor


    I bought the starter pack. Was worth it still playing the game its a lot of fun and the community and players are really nice! Still in development.
  12. Bought it for 30 Euros a month and getting really good speeds with it
  13. You mine the coins > buy stuff online with them > trade, sell, buy coins > wait for the coin currency to go up > sell them > profit?? In words you mine them and you get a good amount. You can either buy stuff online from stores that accept them as they act like a currency same as $ and Euro. Or you can just keep them with you wait for the market of the currency to go up and the value of the currency will go up and then sell them and get the profit
  14. I just started 2 days ago mining a coin called Dogecoin (similar to Bitcoin) and I have been using my AMD 7970 which is one of the best GPUs to mine coins with in the market. Usually people buy their GPUs for mining only but I have always had my 7970 for gaming and just got to know about mining coins which I am kind of lucky to be honest! So if you do mine, which coin do you mine and which GPU do you use? For more info about Dogecoin go to http://dogecoin.com
  15. Trust me everything can get a virus. Even phones people have done for them viruses and malwares! I used to beleive Mac can't get a virus but then I read about that there are keyloggers made just for Viruses that were filled in thepiratebay. Since then I just stopped using any torrent website, because Mac costs a lot and don't wanna loose it <3
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