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  1. What kind of website do you have? Does it have a forum? SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing strategy that uses information on how search engines work, terms users search for, what search engines are most used, etc., to get a website a higher ranked search. Ways to optimize a site include well defined meta tags, backlinks, editing the content, etc. Backlinks, are the links which people use to get to your website. It could be via a search engine, promotional link, social media and so on. Good luck in promoting your site!
  2. LivetoErr


    I, too, would like to extend you a welcome to the forum. I have to agree about RPG's being the best games; I don't, really, play that many anymore, though. I have a secret wish that the Playstation franchise would rerelease Parasite Eve on one of the newer platforms. They could do a wonderful job with that game using the new graphics capabilities they have now. Anyways, once again, welcome to the board. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. I'm not entirely sure what you are asking for? What are the benifits to having graphics on your site? Well, if there weren't any images the website would be hard to read and not look, all that, appealing. Graphics are used to strike interest among the user and break up text. As for multimedia, it depends on the kind of site you are running. Say, for example, you are running a how-to site: videos showing how your step-by-step instructions are done would be helpful as some people need to see what's being done. Or, if you are a band wanting to sell your CD, then you'd need to provide samples of what you're trying to sell. Again, it all depends on what you're trying to give the user to know whether multimedia would be benificial or not. Graphics, however, you need those.
  4. I have never asked anyone for money when it comes to me doing something for them as, more often than not, it's for family and friends. Back in 2002ish, my boyfriend's (at that time) mother had me build a photography website for her. I did it for not charge but when Christmas came around I was given a check for $1000. The card said thanks for all your help. I was astonished. I've never been paid for something like that again. I designed some wedding invitiations for a friend's would-be daughter-in-law and that cost me a lot in material; not once did she offer anything more than a thank you. I wasn't expecting to be paid, I just wanted her to recommend me to other people. If I was to do webdesign for people again, I wouldn't know what to charge either. I'd probably accept less than what it was worth but, to me, referencing and experience is what's important. If I was doing it as my full time job that would be different and I'd have to research what is fair. The best suggestion, was from a previous poster, who said to check out what freelancer sites are charging. Charge a little more if you think it's too little. What's the worst than could happen?
  5. I taught myself by borrowing books from the library and tweaking templates. I, also, took a few Java courses in college which helps because a lot of the coding is similar; or, at least you can see patterns in it. Granted, I have to get back into the game and teach myself HTML 5. I took a break from webdesign and I guess the net didn't break with me
  6. LivetoErr

    Kicking myself

    If you have the ability to tweak templates, can you not just take bits and pieces of what you have used before and make it into what you want? That way, you don't have to entirely start from the bottom up and you're not wasting your time looking for something that you can't find.
  7. Man, I can remember when Flash was all the rage, Now. I think it's outdated. I can't count how many times I've gone to a website and it tells me there is something wrong with my flash player. Also, I too, use my iPad, iPhone quite a lot and think it's rediculous when I can't access a website because it's in flash. I often wonder, if the web owner realizes he/she is losing potential customers. More often than not, I will forget that I wanted to look at a Flash based site when I'm surfing the internet on my PC. Having said that, a lot of Facebook games I play require Flash. I suppose it's got it's good and bad points, but, overall, I'd like to see it off company websites.
  8. When I was running my own website I used FreeHostia.com. They had decent customer service and their basic plan was free. I had to upgrade because I needed some more features, like ecommerce support. The upgrade was cheap, as well. I had no complaints about the company, I just decided to not renew my domain name at the time, so I let the website expire too. If I was looking for something cheap and reliable I'd definitely consider them, as an option, again.
  9. I think shorter domains are more popular because they are easier to remember and, in our fast pased society, easier to type. For example, remember overstock.com? They had a big advertising campaign telling customes they are now o.co. Their brand is now "o.co, also known as overstock.com" I think with our new smartphones we prefer less typing as well. Less room to make mistakes and have some crazy auto-correction.
  10. I've certainly considered it as a way to make extra money. I'm just not that creative in predicting what domain names would be popular now or in the future. However, when I have some free time I will try. A few hundred bucks here and there would sure make a differnce in my life.
  11. LivetoErr


    Hi there. My name is Karen and I am a Canadian who lives in Mexico. I used to design websites for friends and want to get back into web-design for personal reasons. I normally use CSS but am interested in all the latest languages. So hi and I hope some of you will be willing to answer any stupid questions I may have.
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