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  1. I do allow outbound links but I require some number of post for them to do that though. I have a developers forum and since it needs a lot of contibutions from other web scripts, I allow them to do it after posting like 10 messages. A lot of outbound links are appearing after that like from codebasket, themforest, some php blog or coding blog, etc
  2. Ha, same here. Been just getting some templates and get their base code and tweak it from there. Some of which templates comes from paid and free sources like codebasket. I also which I could have find time to study and built one myself from scratch..
  3. I use godaddy ever since. I like them as a registrar but never their hosting. Horrible.
  4. I am a wordpress developer as well. Looks like nobody respond to this thread of yours.. Anyway, I do lot of theme customization with wordpress and making plugins and scripts for it. Some of these scripts I have use though come from codebasket.net where I get some premium scripts to use for my client's sites.
  5. Don't like dreamweaver. I have it in my laptop and never opened it though. I rather code with notepad++ so that I'll know the source code in and out.. With dreamweaver, they're precoded so you will be like looking at your codes when you need something done..
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