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  1. My first programming language that I stuck with was Python. It was actually from a school intro course so I was taught the basics. Since then I've moved on to C++ and Java because Python doesn't seem to be supported as widely as other languages.
  2. Nice. I noticed something was different with the board, I just couldn't make out what. It's funny that I used the recent topics to find this thread too haha!
  3. Hey man, a fellow Californian! Welcome! Which part of California is Turlock located? I'm from Irvine, SoCal. The weather down here is not too bad during the summer, I'm actually quite happy with it at the moment.
  4. I occassionally use Malwarebytes. It is really effect and simple to use but it isn't an anti-virus software nor should it replace your anti-virous software. Malwarebytes is anti-malware; it gets rid of malacious software on your computer. I've also used AVG but that was a while back so I don't remember why I stopped but Avast Anti-virus software has been serving me well.
  5. I agree in that social media, specifically Facebook will decline if it is flooded with marketing but I don't think social media as a whole will die. Much like Myspace, when a more superior social media site arises Facebook could see a sharp decline but it won't die (disappear forever). I think as long as marketing content isn't in our faces and discretely placed, Facebook will have no problem staying on the pedestal of social media sites.
  6. I use Youtube 99.9% of the time. The only reason I visit Vimeo is through google searches. Hmm interesting enough Youtube is owned by Google, do I smell a conspiracy!?
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