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  1. believe in a clean desktop, yes.


    It's just such a pity that a clean desktop doesn't believe in me. It feels weird to get rid of certain things, even if I never use them as shortcuts. One of these days I'll install rainmeter and such, but I think I'll need a proper upgrade before I do that.

  2. Facebook and Twitter are declining, there's no doubt about that. The question is just, what will be the next big thing? I'm not quite sure if it will be a different social media site, with some features both FB and Twitter don't have, or something completely different, but I'm sure there will be something after the age of Facebook and Twitter. Maybe Google+ goes big, who knows, but I actually doubt it since a lot of people got mad at Google for forcing them to combine their Google+ accounts with YouTube.

    Honestly it's a bit of a wonder that Google+ hasn't blown up the way every other Google product has. Well admittedly, not all of the Google products have blown up I suppose, but the majority of their products dominate their respective markets. Google+ however just...sits there, doing nothing.

  3. Thanks for the sites you've recommended, guys. I'm going to take a look at all of them and decide which of them has the best tutorials for a beginner. Then as I learn more I could find other learning resources on the other sites too. How long do you think it takes to learn a programing language like C++? Or would I have to start with C?

    You don't have to start anywhere really. In theory you can just jump into any programming language, become adept in it and then move onto another when you feel up to it. Different languages are better for beginners however, since they are designed to give you a jumping off point as such. However, there's no one language which will properly prepare you for every language out there. Even if you're adept at say, C# you might find it hard to deal with Pascal, or...damnit, I forget the name of it. It's a language beginning with A, came out of Sweden if I remember. That's going to bug me now.

  4. Ohh, awesome! I didn't even know that there's an Adblock app for iOS 7. Definitely been running 7 since last month, so I'll have to check this out. Thanks!

    No problem at all!


    I'm not sure if it is the official adblock, as in if it is the same company that exists on PC's and I would assume Mac's, but there is an adblock app I know that. Never had that much problems with it myself, but your mileage may vary. Hope it helps though! :)

  5. I never really thought of building a full tower PC I just don't have the room for it. I do not have a laptop which I am uncertain when I'll get one. I have a tablet but I hardly use it since I am on my desktop computer most of the time. I prefer building my own PC over buying one since you would be in more control.

    Perhaps it's just me, but I'm rather confused. You say that you prefer building your own PC, but you've never thought of building a full tower PC. What do you do then?

  6. I work at a advertising and marketing agency.  We've already seen a decline in Facebook activity from our clients and reps, it may be a trend...

    Interesting point of view Nathan considering you're literally on the inside as it were.Got a question to ask you as a follow up to this. If you're seeing a decline in Facebook activity from your clients and reps, are they going elsewhere, or just giving up on these systems altogether?

  7. If they started selling all in one systems that I could build my own computer with I would consider it. Perhaps they already do sell something like that but I just haven't seen it yet. I would be looking for something like a monitor with a streamlined case in the back that I could insert the rest of the computers parts. I don't think I would ever go back to the old tower systems that take up so much space and have all sorts of wires sticking out all over the place.

    That...just wouldn't really be possible. 


    Especially you're looking for something other than the current tower system. I mean, there's a reason towers are so big;they need to be so large because the components are large. You're not going to get an all in one system like you're asking for, while still having a very good computer. It sounds like you may just want a laptop.

  8. I hate pop-up ads, but then, we have ad blocker for that for PCs and laptops. What I hate though are the mobile ads that literally direct you to some place on the App Store when I'm using my iPad. I've been looking for an app to block those but still no luck. It's really, really annoying when I'm browsing the net on my iPad and suddenly it just whizzes me off to the App Store.

    From what I understand, Adblock is the best solution for your tablet if you're running iOS 7. I'm not sure if your iPAd is currently running on that however, so you would need to think about this first

  9. Livvy, you're probably thinking about "weak AI" vs. "hard AI". If so, then I agree that most work done today is towards developing weak AI, and that's perfectly OK, lots of practical applications are currently coming out of this. Me, I'm more interested in hard AI, also called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). There's quite a bit of interesting work done in artificial cognition and artificial consciousness, although it wouldn't be a shock to learn that these fields are quite immature at the moment. If you're curious about this stuff, there's a very nice open-source project called OpenCog that I'm really excited about.

    Yep, that's why I was getting confused!


    I was thinking of hard AI, and trying to describe that we can't really just whip that up in the average computer lab, since at the moment-again as far as I know-we can only really create a weak AI which does as Nathan described;take results from elsewhere or from a preset number of definitions as it were. It can't really 'think' for itself, only has the appearance of thinking. I know some of the professors at my uni are working on solving this, and more importantly, trying to solve the biggest problem of all;how on earth do we begin thinking in the correct manner which would lead us to understanding how we could ever code what is essentially, a sentient being.

  10. Yes, very much so. All of my C# knowledge was learned entirely on the internet, I've never taken any formal programming classes.


    What worked for me was to immediately try to make something, and then Google whenever I ran into a problem. Works like a charm!

    Presumably you had to have some knowledge of C# or similar languages before you tried though. That doesn't really work for a novice like Rainman who doesn't have any knowledge of how various languages work, so wouldn't know how to even begin to type up a starter program.

  11. Hi Rainman. What sort of programming languages would you like to study? It's very much possible to learn programming using online resources such as tutorials, as you mentioned. But this takes a bit of determination on your part because you will need to do the practice and evaluate yourself.

    I think this is an important thing which many people don't realise when they start out to learn something online. Whether it's programming, a foreign language, or just some new skill, if you're doing it online with tutorials and such, you're going to have to put in a lot of work. You'll not only have to do all the work-which obviously happens regardless-but if you're doing it alone, you also have to attempt to be objective and evaluate how you're doing, and how far you've come.


    You need to be both exam taker, and exam marker as it were. And you have to be as objective and brutal as a real examiner would be. You can't 'let it go' just because it's your own work. If you make a mistake, you need to reprimand yourself as bad as anyone else would, and then correct it to the same standard. Likewise, you need to be objective in how much you reward yourself for a job well done. You can't exactly take five days off just because you got your first day of coding done and you didn't mess up.

  12. I think in the beginning, when the site is new and maybe doesn't need as much upkeep, a lot of owners are going to find themselves posting a lot. You've got to be seen to be seen after all, if you understand me. However once their site starts becoming more popular and needs more upkeep, a lot of your time is going to be spent behind the scenes, keeping the site running, or even working on business deals for the site in terms of ads and such, depending on what your site actually caters towards.

  13. That is cool I have been a AVG person since they had version nine. Is Avast Anti-virus for free or do you have to pay? How is Avast does it have a resident shield like AVG?

    Avast is free, but like AVG and most other AV's, there's a paid program which has better features, which you can choose to take part in. A resident shield is included in most AV's these days also, but yes Avast does include one.

  14. It's very possible, but you might have been coming across the wrong sites, you know? Maybe they were aimed more at intermediate programmers rather than absolute beginners, which is what I assume you are.


    You might want to look into Code Academy and Khan Academy as they both offer beginners tutorials which you can go through at your own pace. Or if you prefer a more rigorous course, you could always look into the online courses offered by universities such as MIT and Harvard.

  15. I know of that, but I mean the program-as far as I know-can't adapt to what you have liked in the past. Well, it can of course since...you could just code it to 'like' a restaurant if the user says,'Ohh that sounds nice, let's go there' I suppose. 


    Honestly, I know what I mean to say, I just can't think of how to say it in words. Which is odd.

  16. Punch cards!


    No I'm kidding. It was Python. I only learnt a little bit of it though. I'm talking very basic levels of understanding here. That was almost a full year ago now, and while I think I've retained a little knowledge of it, and how it works, but honestly I'm pretty sure the most of it is gone. I'll be starting again in September though when I go back to school. Although I will probably start catching up on it myself in August when I have a bit more time.

  17. One of the modules on my course this year/next year-I'm repeating due to medical issues-is on AI, and I must admit, it's a rather new area for me. It's certainly an interesting area of research, but I don't know if we'll truly have AI for some time. It's strange. At our current level of technology-and someone can correct me on this obviously-we can only create an AI which learns within certain parameters. So for example, we can create a voice recognition system which can adapt to the different accents of a person, or 'learn' what you mean by certain words which are outside of its preset definitions. 


    We can't however create an AI which can learn to adapt outside of the parameters which are set by its creators. So for example, we can't...I dunno, ask Siri what its opinion of the best restaurants for us would be in a given area. It can only say, 'Well I was programmed to say this'. Or am I wrong?

  18. I don't think I've ever been on a site which has paid moderators to be honest. They've always been volunteers as far as I know. I've known Admins to be paid, but usually that's because, you know, they're actually taking part in the building/running of the site so get a bit of the proceeds from ads and visits etc. Or in places which are the official sites for products or books. Then the Admins tend to be somehow linked to the publishing house itself.


    Something I have noticed however is that volunteer moderators just...disappear one day. They move on, and stop coming to the forum. Which isn't really going to happen with paid moderators, because whether they actually like the site, they're being paid a certain amount of money to make sure the members are following the rules.

  19. I'm sure everyone is going to know which ad I'm talking about when I say this. The ad which annoys me the most is emoticon one which shouts HELLLLLOOOOO! and then waits a few seconds before shouting it all over again.


    You know what's really bad though? The ads which pop under your actual browser window, so you don't notice it's there until it starts shouting something, or until you close your browser and you find out that you've been running an ad for the best penis enlargement services this side of China.

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