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  1. Nofollow links may not get you link juice but they can still get you traffic. Every webmaster's goal is to get traffic so whether it's a nofollow link you get, if you comment piques the interest of users then they'll follow you back to your site. Another way you can build links is by bookmarking your articles. It's been a while since I used those sites so you'll need to do some research to find out if the links you'll get are dofollow or nofollow. Also, you could try to build links the natural way. Write great content and others will link to you. Such a strategy though can take a long tim
  2. Since lots of people visit youtube then it would definitely be the better option of the two. I've tried looking through Vimeo on more than once occasion and never found the videos I was looking for. Others who do the same [and get similar results] would prefer looking through youtube first then if they don't find what they're looking for, try other video-hosting sites.
  3. I think it would depend on the micro-niche website. If you choose a micro-niche that interests only a few people who are very wealthy then I suppose you can make a decent amount of cash from that site. However if it's the sort of micro-niche where you'll simply trying out your luck, it would be much better to go for a popular niche and compete against the others because there you are at least guaranteed some amount of success if you're very good at what you do.
  4. It would be good to place your links on the site as soon as possible even before you start getting traffic. Some people claim that for a micro-niche site that laser-targets a specific group of people even with as little as 100 visitors a day, you can be able to make sales. I can't vouch the veracity of that statement but the moral of the story is the amount of traffic you get doesn't count. It's the conversions that do. Work on that.
  5. I'll only add a little something to your question about the optimal size of articles you post. Well if I were you, I wouldn't concern myself too much with the number of words in an article. Most readers definitely prefer shorter articles but Google likes longer articles because they feel length and the quality of an article are directly related. You see for any piece of writing to be really good, only the precise number of words needed to provide the information you want to get across should be used. So, right naturally. Don't count you words. Some articles will be short. Others longer.
  6. Thanks for the sites you've recommended, guys. I'm going to take a look at all of them and decide which of them has the best tutorials for a beginner. Then as I learn more I could find other learning resources on the other sites too. How long do you think it takes to learn a programing language like C++? Or would I have to start with C?
  7. 1 and 1 has $0.99 domain registration offer running. I had an intention of taking advantage of the deal but naturally I had to look around the net to find reviews about the registrar. Most of the reviews I came across though were not that flattering [to 1 and 1]. Has anyone here ever registered their domains with 1 and 1? Or even if you haven't, from what you've heard is it a registrar you can recommend?
  8. I think that the more publicity it gets, the more likely pet owners are going to create accounts for their pets. But I'm sure it's going to end up being a social network where pet owners talk about their pets with others who also have pets. Not that bad an idea I think considering the fact that the owner of the social network will make a killing with ads for pet-related services or products.
  9. I think it depends on the activity on the forum. Some forums get so much traffic that the owners can't reply to every single thread posted in a day. But then again, there are forums which the owners start simply to make money. You can't expect them to be that active because probably they don't know much about what's discussed on the forum. However for forum owners who start a forum because they like something and want to share their knowledge with the world and other like-minded people then you're likely to come across them on the boards very often. They post as much as they can [they don't ha
  10. I agree with everyone else who says outbound links should be allowed only when the forum user proves that he's on the forum to make useful contributions. I was a member of a site where you had to make a hundred posts first before being allowed to post links in your forum posts or on your profile. It's a policy that worked well to bar spammers from popping in, making one or two posts before starting to make irrelevant posts with links in the content that pointed back to their sites. So yeah, you should allow outbound links but only after the forum member proves he's not just on the forum t
  11. Outsource only the work you can't do well on your own. But even then you have to be careful who you hire. Most outsourcing sites have a feedback system. Before hiring someone it's always best to take a look at their work history. If most of their clients were satisfied then maybe they're a safer bet [though their fees might be higher] than someone who has fewer ratings but doesn't ask for much. In most cases quality is directly related to what the person is willing to work for. Personally I've never had to outsource anything yet. I may change my tune when I do
  12. I think having 5 or so sites that complement each other wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. I'm supposing that if you're probably focusing on a particular niche then having micro-niche sites [within the same niche] which you can link to or from to get or drive laser-targeted traffic to them could probably boast the sales you can make. There's no guarantee though that such a strategy could work. It will depend entirely on how hard you work to get them all to rank well on Google. If you're not prepared to do all the hard work then it's better to stick with one site instead.
  13. I've always had an interest in learning any programming language to make applications for myself. In addition to that since creating apps can be very lucrative business it would be quite rewarding if something you created for fun made you lots of money. I've looked around a few sites but I just couldn't fathom what they were trying to get across. Could it be I'm too old to learn a programming language or did I just land on the wrong sites? Do any of you think it's possible for anyone to learn programming by using tutorials posted on the net?
  14. The best places to find similar blogs to comment on is on blog directories. Tehcnorati has already been mentioned so I'll suggest a few more: Networked Blogs. Bloggeries. Blogged.com Blog Catalog Bloggapedia Blog Fusion Most of the above-mentioned directories lists blogs by category so it will be pretty is to find the right one and choose which blogs you'll try to get backlinks from.
  15. I agree with Miikelouis. I'm a mod on two forums myself but I only visit the sites when I please. If it was a paid position however, I'd have to be on the site everyday to ensure that everyone is observing the rules, banning the trolls and spammers . . . that kind of stuff. For newer forums though, I don't think hiring a mod would be a great idea because it does take time before the forum starts making any money. It's better I suppose to start thinking about hiring a mod when a forum has about 1,0000 active members and numerous registrations daily. In such cases, you'll need to be vigila
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