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  1. I am aiming to get traffic but my primary aim is to increase my page rank and increase the organic traffic to my website. I know posting useful comments on blogs can drive a few visitors to your blog but I wan't to aim for some thing which I can rely on for a longer period. I am trying to write quality content for my readers and I know I need to be patient to get links naturally.
  2. I am using SEO by Yoast plugin on my WordPress blog. My question is that how important is to write a custom meta description for a particular post. If I write a custom meta description for a post am I depriving the post of other keywords in the post that people could have been searching for. For example if I write a meta description and I do not include the keywords "free blogging platform" in it and the keywords appears in the post a couple of times. Would this mean that I will not appear in the search results at all for "free blogging platform".
  3. Never heard of the web host before. I will go check them out and may be even writer a review about them on my blog. These days I am writing a lot of web hosting reviews, I am trying to promote a few web hosting companies on my blog and get in to affiliate marketing.
  4. I have learned C++ and Assembly at college plus a little bit of C# on my own mainly for learning the Unity Game Engine. I will be studying C and C# in the next semester.
  5. Do I need to do that for each of my posts ? These days most the blog owners have made their comment section nofollow. Is it still worth it to go visit all the blogs and leave a nofollow comment.
  6. I know they will not be quality but 20 cents for a draft which I can edit in an hour or less. I think that has to count for some thing. Since these days I am not in the mood to write anything rather I would be really comfortable with editing some thing and post it on my blog.
  7. How do you get do follow quality back links for your website ? When building links do you point all the links to your home page or some other specific page ?
  8. Infolinks offers some thing similar to banner ads. They are ads slide in to the page from the bottom and the sides of the page. Other than that I think you should try chitika, their acceptance procedure is really simple and their ads do not look like adsense ads. At least the last time they did not. They have a low minimum cash out and pay through Paypal.
  9. If you want to get in to the writing business, write articles for others I would recommend Freelancing websites such as Elance and Freelancer. On freelancing websites you have to place a bid for doing a job an alternative to freelancing websites that I found recently is iWriter and Hirewriters. There are articles waiting for you to be written they are not a lot just a handful. If you see a article that you might be interested in writing quickly accept it or some else will. 20 Cents where do you get articles written for such small price ? Can you get articles for that price for all
  10. Personally I have never done such extensive research. I just go to Google Keyword Planner and search for a few keywords related to topic I want to write about. Then I search for the keyword on Google to take a look at the competition there is for the keyword. Doing extra research and targeting extra keywords would definitely pay off if you can take out the time to do it but it might get a little difficult to insert the secondary keywords in the tile and as well as the URL and if you try to target a lot of keywords the article might seem keyword stuffed and you might end up losing quality.
  11. 100 % bounce rate you must be doing something really wrong. I don't get much organic traffic I am in the process of building one of my very first(serious) blogs. I get around 15-20 visitors each day. There is not much content on my blog either. I had a blog before where I talked about making money online and I some how managed to get 50-70 visitors a day with around 20 posts but they were not converting very well so I sort of lost hope and abandoned it. The thing I was doing accidental was writing about topics which no one had written before.
  12. The only CMS I have ever used is WordPress. I did install Joomla once but could not figure out what to do with it. I don't know a lot about web designing or web development so I try to stick to a popular CMS with a lot of support. WordPress completely fits my needs I can do what ever I want with it by installing the right theme and the right plugins.
  13. The one click installer is being offered in their shared hosting plan as well so that is not the difference. I am using a regular hosting. I came across WordPress hosting some time ago I was just eager to know the difference in features or performance between the two.
  14. As @retraction has already said a minimum of 500 words for a blog post. I usually try to make my blog posts around 800 words. If your post goes over a 1000 words you should try to break it down in to pages or two smaller posts. I am not sure about the keyword density. I have seen articles where the exact keyword density was zero but the individual words in the keyword were present more than 40 times each. For instance the keyword that I searched for on google was wordpress plguins 2014 and I did not found the exact matched keyword on the articles that were on the top but the words "wordpre
  15. They don't ban your account for displaying ads from other ad networks on your website. To be on the safe side you should try not to use other banner ads on your website instead use in text advertising network with Google Adsense. Infolinks is a really good in text advertising network. Their acceptance process is really simple, minimum cash out is $50 through paypal and they say they are compatible with Google Adsense.
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