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  1. I would not waste my money, if you look around on the web you will see tons of websites built off of wordpress. Even businesses are using wordpress as the foundation for their website. All you really need is a good skin and you are off to the races. http://www.andyspizzaandsubs.com/ is running wordpress with a custom theme and you can not even tell. Greg
  2. I usually only outsource my graphic design and I get a really good deal. I do not want to drop any names because I am not sure if we are allot to post names or not. But if you want the link you can PM me. My graphic designer usually charges about $30 for a logo or header graphic. I have $100 in graphics for my website because I am running wordpress and xenforo and she made graphics for both. Plus she made me Facebook graphics for my website. Greg
  3. I just checked the price and for $3k I can do without it. I don't make enough graphics to justify that price. I usually have a friend make my graphics and her prices are reasonable and she does a great job. I could buy graphics for 100+ websites for the price of photoshop LOL. Greg
  4. Steady traffic has been my biggest problem, one day I get a lot of visitors and the next day I only have a handful. And for the life of me I can not figure out why one day I get a lot of visitors and the next day I get nothing. I have checked over the awstats logs and the google analytics logs and nothing is out of the ordinary. Greg
  5. I think if your going to run ads, run them right off the bat. A lot of people will freak out on you if you have no ads and then one day start showing ads. I am running adsense on my website right now and I am not making a dime. But I hope to replace them some day with ads from my local community sense my website is about my local community. Greg
  6. I am using Stable Host Enterprise plan which is in sense a big shared hosting account. I have had some problems with it but I am running a blog and a forum on the same account and I am running a bridge to make both websites talk to each other. I am going to be building a server over the winter and then my website will have all the horsepower it needs for future growth. Greg
  7. Social media is a fad like everything else. Look at how busy forums were at the birth of the internet. You could throw a forum up and overnight you would have 50 members. Now now look you practically have to beg people to post on forums. The same thing is going to happen to social media websites. They are cool now and in 5+ years they are going to be yesterdays news. Greg
  8. My new forum is about two months on and I have already banned 6 people for spamming and spamming low quality posts to try and make post counts. Nothing pisses me off more then some one trying to ruin what I worked so hard for, I know it might not seem like a lot to most people but I live on a fixed income and I have over $600 into my forum. And that would be like $6k to some one with a normal income. So if some one does not put the effort to make quality posts then they are not worthy of my forum. Greg
  9. I usually build my own computers and I have built my own servers in the past as well. All and all I have built 16 computers for myself and friends and family. Currently I am buying computer parts to make another server. I would buy all the parts at once but I am saving to move next year. Greg
  10. They overclock because they are insane! Overclocking cuts the life expectancy of the CPU by 80% or more. Stay far away from overclocking unless you plan on updating your CPU every two years. P.S. a overclocked cpu can die at any time and the manufacture will not warranty it. Greg
  11. How I learned is I went to the bookstore and bought Linux for Dummies and then I started buying more and more Linux book. And then I bought a webserver and started to practice on it. And really that is the only way you are going to learn is by practice. And do not get discouraged when you make a mistake. Greg
  12. First thing I do is check the server logs and look for anything funny. Second thing I do is check Google Analytics Third thing I do is check Webmaster Tools Forth thing I do is check Adsense Fifth thing I do is check the posts on the forum Sixth thing I do is make new posts Seventh thing I do is check the forum again for new posts before I go to bed Greg
  13. I 100% agree it amazes me how long some people go with out updating their software. There are tons of bots on the internet probing for outdated software and its over once they find your website. And the next day the owner wakes up scratching their head wondering what happened. Greg
  14. I have run a webserver from home for years, as long as you have a good upload you will be fine. I am not running one now, but when I was I was using Comcast Business Class internet with 5 static ips. Whats nice about running your server from home is you have total control over the server. And you can accesses any time of the day or night. And these days you can get some pretty fast upload speed, I do believe Comcasts Business Internet offers 20mbps upload and that is going to be fast enough for 99% of the websites on the Internet. Greg
  15. I am going to recommend against free hosting, hosting is so cheap these days that you can get a paid hosting account for the price of a happy meal. If you can not afford that then maybe its time to rethink your priorities. P.S. Free hosting is going to be one headache after another and your website is going to have zero reliability. Greg
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