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  1. Okay thank you so much Nathan on the info for using Adsense in your signature. I am going to check back in the TOS to make sure it is appropriate.
  2. I see everyone's point and I would not be surprised that Facebook would have a decline. I have not been on there in weeks except to see any new notifications. I think that social media is not as active as it should anymore.
  3. I heard about this too and I am certain that there is a company called Pudget Systems that makes oil cooled PC's. I looked at one of their computers and that was the deluge. It looks cool but I like their Mineral oil cool system which they have on their site.
  4. I never really thought of building a full tower PC I just don't have the room for it. I do not have a laptop which I am uncertain when I'll get one. I have a tablet but I hardly use it since I am on my desktop computer most of the time. I prefer building my own PC over buying one since you would be in more control.
  5. My dad has a 19 inch size screen monitor for his desktop computer. I just need a new monitor which a 19 inch LCD monitor would do fine.
  6. I really like the computer specs but I would swap out the video card for a Radeon 7990 HD. I do like that I7-3820 that would be a sick processor to have. I have seen some motherboards allowing more ram than what this computer offers.
  7. People do it to test to see how far their cpu can go. I did it to my Pentium 4 3.4ghz processor which I ran up to 3.7ghz and the processor ran just fine. I tried to overclock by 20% which the computer displayed in the 4.08ghz and then the computer crashed. So I chose to stay at 3.4ghz and not overclock anymore.
  8. That is a pretty handy build you have there retraction. How long did it take for you to build that computer?
  9. I had not tried godaddy.com I just see their ads on tv a lot. I think they have web hosting now for cpanel costing only $3.49/month. I have seen webhostgator and I have not used their service so I do not know how good their web hosting service is.
  10. I did not think that there was a huge advantage with free web hosting. I mean you could play around with the server, but I just prefer paying for my domain and web hosting so I would get a better ranking. Not to mention free does not give you full control.
  11. I could remember putting together my first PC was the computer I have right now. Pentium 4 2.4ghz (Now I have a 3.4ghz processor) I upgraded my Radeon 9250 128mb to a Radeon X1300 256mb. My ram right now for my computer is 2.5gb DDR Kingston. I always liked the idea of building a computer which you have more freedom with. Just being able to put in your own parts is part of the fun.
  12. Yeah I just felt that AVG was that go to AV for me. I always had a great time with AVG I would never have to worry about my computer being vulnerable to threats. I just might try Avast to see how it is until then I would stick to AVG.
  13. That is cool I have been a AVG person since they had version nine. Is Avast Anti-virus for free or do you have to pay? How is Avast does it have a resident shield like AVG?
  14. Hello Commander it is nice to meet you on this technological forum. It is great to have technological geniuses on this forum with lots of information. You would fit right into here just fine Commander.
  15. I have not made money Fiverr because I do not have much to offer as far as gigs. I want to see if they allow you to submit short stories that you type up and make. I do want to make something like that and share I just have not thought of that yet.
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