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  1. Yeah I've done that too but for some reason I like cropping pictures better, maybe it's just because I don't spend that much time on it and compositing would take quite a bit more time. I still see the enjoyment of compositing, but I'm more entertained by cropping pictures. It calms me down when I had a hard day and want to relax a bit by concentrating on cropping that one picture perfectly. Maybe it sounds not really relaxing but for me it really helps. I always feel better after cropping. Maybe I should put some more time into compositing, because there's endless possibilities and it's actua
  2. Mine only has the Recycle Bin on it. I don't really need because something is in fullscreen mode most of the time anyway. I do have my most used programs like Chrome, Sublime Text 2, some Folders and some Games pinned to my taskbar, so I don't have to tab to my desktop to open them. It's just more convenient for me this way. I also like saving stuff on the desktop, but only when I delete it right after. Something like screenshots, which I will upload straight away will be on my desktop for no more than 5 minutes before I remove them. I just can't stand cluttered desktops and all, because I lik
  3. It depends on what you want to program, I started out with Java so I can only recommend that, because I actually had a pretty good learning experience with it. C isn't needed to learn C++ but it's quite a bit more complex, so I'm not sure if you should start out with it. I'd wait for input of someone who started with C++. As for the time it takes to learn a programming language it depends on a lot of factors. Are you a fast learner? How much time are you going to invest? What do you want to be able to program? There's actually no "I learned a language completely" in programming, there's alway
  4. Facebook and Twitter are declining, there's no doubt about that. The question is just, what will be the next big thing? I'm not quite sure if it will be a different social media site, with some features both FB and Twitter don't have, or something completely different, but I'm sure there will be something after the age of Facebook and Twitter. Maybe Google+ goes big, who knows, but I actually doubt it since a lot of people got mad at Google for forcing them to combine their Google+ accounts with YouTube.
  5. I started out with MySQL databases in school where we learned most of the basics, but we didn't do it for long because it wasn't actually mandatory to learn about databases. Afterwards I came across a few MySQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL databases but they are all roughly the same so it's not that big of a deal how you start out. I wouldn't consider myself good at databases but I'm a quick learner so it isn't too hard for me to solve most problems.
  6. I can recommend Code Academy since I've learned JavaScript on there and I think it was really easy because that site is extremely interactive and not just plain reading. But if you don't have any programming background I would recommend starting with Java first as it is not that hard to get into but you can do a lot of great stuff with it, if you get into it.
  7. Wow that site is great! I've always been looking for some kind of database of free icons but most of them were just terrible. This site has premium and free icons that look absolutely great! I'm gonna use some of those in the future for sure and I already bookmarked the site, so I won't forget about it. The one Jaypee posted looks awesome. What's the name of it?
  8. I really enjoy cropping things out. Like cropping a person out of a picture and put him into some other picture. I just enjoy these precise tasks and I feel like a god when I crop every single strand of hair out by its own. There's nothing more satisfying in graphical work for me than knowing I gave my best to crop something out perfectly. It's also something I do just for fun. Sometimes I go to my friends facebook pictures and crop something like a bear or a lion into the background of their pictures.
  9. I've used Microsoft Picture It! Photo Premium 10 for such a long time now, that I just can't get used to Photoshop or GIMP. Sometimes I wish I could just make the switch and leave it behind but I still often go back to it, because it's so intuitive for me. I can do almost everything I need in it and I'm a lot faster than if I would use Photoshop. But sometimes I need features I just don't have and then i need to use Photoshop.
  10. For me it's knowing when my site is ready to go public. I often spend enormous amounts of time just redoing some visuals I didn't like for some reason or changing the layout to be just a little bit different, because I'm a perfectionist and I don't want an unfinished site with my name on it on the internet. I feel like sometimes I might be overdoing it and I could've released the site weeks before I actually did it, but for some reason I always want to keep working on them.
  11. I voted for YouTube because it's just more popular and the embedded player works better for me. I actually like Vimeo more for sports videos though. Most Freeski edits are uploaded on Vimeo for example. I think it's because Vimeo actually displays 60fps videos with 60fps instead of scaling it down. YouTube is making the switch right now, but it's still gonna take some time I think.
  12. I want to learn Ruby on Rails too, because I'm gonna learn it in a college class soon and I want to be a bit ahead of everyone else. I think I would've actually learned it too, if I didn't take a class on it, just because I think it's a pretty powerful language and I enjoy learning different languages.
  13. I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java, Visual Basic at school but I mostly do things in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, because I mostly do web projects. I've written some smaller programs in Visual Basic but it's not really my thing. I plan on learning Ruby on Rails in the near future though, because it will be a part of my college classes and I want to be ahead of the curve.
  14. I went to an IT school so I learned it at school. But actually our teacher mostly showed us videos or told us to do something. He didn't really teach us anything. He mostly sat at his desk and put video after video onto the beamer and after we finished some videos he told us to code some simple page. I don't think it was that bad because I actually learned a lot because of it, but I think I could've learned that by myself at home too. But he's actually really good at Java, so maybe he was just bored of the basics of HTML and CSS.
  15. I unfortunately don't have a MAC and don't plan on getting one anytime soon. Are there any alternatives for Adobe Premiere or do you think it's the non-plus-ultra for Windows video editing? What are your thoughts about Camtasia? Is it good or should I try to get away from it? I'm not quite sure if it's good or not but I'm already used to it a bit so I wouldn't have to learn the interface of another program.
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