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  1. If you don't understand SEO and you're running a site using WordPress, you just have to download a SEO plugin. It will guide you through. It will ask you to choose a focus key word, indicate your keyword density, remind you about images, etc. Oh, and social media is very very effective nowadays so you should build your social media page as well.
  2. I'm paying for articles but not that high. I get them for a low low price of 20 cents. Of course I don't attract native English writers but I'll live with those. The articles that they submit need some editing. I also have to include the feature image myself but that's a bargain considering I'm just paying 20 cents. Oh, and I have SEO be Yoast plugin installed just in case.
  3. A CPA network is a cost per action advertising network. They pay publishers when a visitor does something (does an action) like for instance click on an ad. In this case, it becomes CPC (or cost per click) or they could also pay publishers if the click converts to a sale wherein it becomes Cost Per Conversion.
  4. Ah, I was thinking about displaying banner ads and not simply text ads. Adsense says that they allow you to use other ad networks yet ban you if you use banner ads that look like their ads? Sheesh. However, I've looked Infolinks up and joined. My application is now currently awaiting approval. On the banner ad side, what ads do you think don't look like Adsense ads so that they could be safely displayed without getting my account banned?
  5. Adsense has a policy wherein you are only allowed to show a maximum of 3 ads in one page or post. I think that this helps increase visitor satisfaction but at the same time, lessens your revenue a little bit. That's why I'm looking for other ads that I could display along Adsense which won't get my Adsense account banned. Any recommendations?
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