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  1. I think it's possible to learn pretty much everything online considering we have the time to dedicate ourselves to it. I mean, the quality of the contents is great, but it requires an effort from our side to learn it, we need to invest time.
  2. It's been a while since I've heard about active desktop and I vaguely remember that feature you mention. You can pretty much have all the shortcuts you want with Windows 7, as for customizing these shortcuts I really can't say, but most likely there is a way.
  3. If the word free is involved and it has the advice of the administrator, I'd follow the advice. I am saving that link for myself, we never know what the future brings us.
  4. My knowledge of databases is limited, I'm still from the time of Access and Excell. I was for a while with Moodle and MySQL, but my job lead me in another direction so I never got too deep on that.
  5. LOL, pretty crazy, what happened to taking the dogs to the park and letting them smell each other and run around? They need to have their own social network now?
  6. Yeah, I've seen Transcendence recently and I find that hard to believe to happen in our days. Haven't managed to see her just now. Actually I was thinking more in the style of Terminator or Matrix, the machines out clevering us.
  7. Pretty much this, I think that Microsoft Security Essentials is pretty reliable and if something get past by it I try first Combofix, it's been a while since I've used malwarebytes.
  8. I work in the IT services of a university and most of our users use the Cisco VPN. No problem from Windows or Mac, but for Linux it's virtually impossible to install it. Anyone has experience with VPN for Linux?
  9. I think that external links should be allowed unless it's proven that the user is abusing. There are a lot of interesting stuff out there and there's no problem at all that those contents are shared, but if we are just spamming or advertising no, of course not.
  10. I think that just because we own a forum we don't need to make an X number of posts because the function of the admin is way more than just posting. As long as the community is alive and well I think a few posts are enough, as long as we are enjoying ourselves there or whatever the goal we have set for the forum.
  11. I am a total newbie in what concerns artificial intelligence, but it's something that interests me a lot. I am going to print this article you post for detailed reading, thanks for sharing! I don't know up to what point there is a connection between AI and the stuff we see in the movies regarding the machines taking over...
  12. Hey there everyone, I am writing from Portugal and I think that the internet is the new land of opportunities, so I am pretty eager to learn more on how to develop a website and to make ideas happen online. I am married and I have two kids, I also love sports and outdoors. Thanks for having me, off to explore the forums now.
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