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  1. Exactly. Domain flipping is one of those weird topics where I personally have heard that people have done it but I've never actually known anyone who has directly. It seems to take a lot of research into not just getting the right domain but also marketing the domain back out to the public to find an actual buyer. You just can't simply have it and then hope that people want it. You have to find those people.
  2. I've been trying to get my own name as my domain name for years. A lot of companies offer "back ordering" options that you can use to back order the name that you want. Has anyone used any of these services to a Domain Registrar? Do they work? What happens if the person simply reorders their name at the end of the term?
  3. First of all Wordpress is a great content management system and for most of my clients it fits what they want perfectly because it's easy to use, there is some support out there for them from an extensive library and it's free. When it comes to other paid solutions, on one hand you have to realize that it's great to have a product which was paid for by workers who were paid to make it. In a lot of cases that means you're going to get something of quality because the better the product, the more sales they will achieve. On the other hand, open source anything can be tricky because anyone can work on that kind of a content system. They're concerned not with sales but with providing a great and affordable (free) solution out of love.
  4. I generally start a forum with just me and then based upon the website and amount of traffic that we're getting to the forum I may add other moderators. However, I run a few forums so it's important to me that once I set up a forum I am able to move on from it in some capacity. Having a board that mostly runs itself is a good goal to have. Besides the occasional troll attack, having members of the board who are also moderators allows the board to somehow formulate a culture of it's own which increases board longevity.
  5. As a designer even I can admit that some of those designs are pretty okay looking for the price, which is free, but what a real designer can get you would be an Adobe Illustrator file that can be a great source for many iterations to come of a single design. Any kind of line art can be used in multiple ways but something that's just a one off like above may not be that helpful in the long run. I'll be honest and say I actually had someone make my logo for me and I paid them but if I were doing a free site I would definitely look into that free logo generator above. I'd probably also download the images I made on them and take them into Photoshop to mess with them more.
  6. At the end of the day I always go with Youtube. As much as I love Vimeo's "no frills" interface ultimately you just have to realize that the person may want to do some monetization and that people are very familiar with Youtube. For me the idea that the name is just so prevalent and the support there for so many external applications makes it a clear winner.
  7. The worst messup I've had was actually with a client's website. We were not entirely sure where we were going to place the actual website so I built it on my server. I've always fancied myself as more of a graphics person so I take the most time with that and I prefer to do everything physically on my server until the website is closer to being ready. However, this person just happened to be an actress and she had a ton of photos. We were using a content management system to organize her entire website. The problem came when I had to move everything from my server to her server and whatever plugin I was using to organize the photos had a strange glitch. I ended up having reupload and recognize hundreds of photos including the captions before we could take her website live.
  8. Well for people who are actually graphic designers I'd literally only go with Adobe CS6 and skip creative cloud all together. People are still using Adobe Photoshop programs from version 4 because they just work while remaining the standard. With creative cloud I get the idea that there is a subscription with constant updates and free upgrades but why not just pay for CS6 outright and call it a day?
  9. If you're using a MAC then you're probably going to want to use Final Cut or Avid Media Composer. I've found that overall I prefer Final Cut Pro. However, don't overlook Adobe Premiere. The integration it has with other software packages in the adobe sweet it not to be underestimated. You could honestly base your entire workflow around just using adobe products doing everything from SFX to Graphic Overlays and Audio Engineering can all be handled in Adobe software suites.
  10. If you're going to buy a MacBook Air then the reason why you're buying it is because it's extremely light. That's the whole point. Some of us don't want to lug around any sort of a heavier option. Also most people don't need anything more than something to type and surf the internet on. As long as it can do both of those things then the lighter they are the better.
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