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  1. Around 6. Couple of work ones, one person, two old hotmails.
  2. Look's good, will be a fantastic & worthwhile upgrade. Looking forward to it!
  3. GoDaddy I'm sure are the King of domains. Used 1&1 in the past (steer clear, horrible customer support, pricey and an awful interface.. also, a pain to transfer out!). 123-reg.co.uk are very good too!
  4. Welcome to DB.net
  5. Welcome to DeveloperBase.net!
  6. Welcome back mate! Great to see you again
  7. Hope so! Glad to be working alongside you
  8. Hi there, I'm Thrill. I used to own and manage Geeksoup.net, however we've merged with Digitize Design.net and now I'm an admin here. If you have any questions, suggestions or anything then feel free to drop me a PM. My inbox is always open. I don't really specialist in anything, I just do bits of everything. I'm a general techie but also do a lot of Web Development. I look forward to seeing you around!
  9. Recently moved to Hostgator to host a couple of low traffic, newly started websites. Fantastic customer service (live chat, email & phone) and decent prices. I've always seemed to go for the smaller companies in the past, but obviously with the larger companies their support is much more effective. You may have to wait a couple of hours via Email Support using Hostgator, but they do reply with great specific answers and it's usually fixed within a couple of Emails.
  10. Linux. Cheap, efficient and reliable.
  11. First CMS was probably Joomla, Drupal. Forum software, was the old free ipboard. Still a massive fan of SMF, never really liked phpBB. I think I'm developing a soft spot for IP Board though
  12. Great news! We just started back up and I got an offer I couldn't refuse from Nathan. It's great to see it's now in hands of someone as dedicated as Nathan. Hope to see you all around!
  13. Alright mate, welcome to Geeksoup.net!
  14. Welcome back buddy! That's great news, good luck with the rest of it!
  15. Temperatures look fine mate. Shaun's given some great advice, you should take it
  16. You'd need to download your Sound card driver. What motherboard do you have? What Operation System you using?
  17. Hi there, Have you tried reinstalling the device through the Device Manager?
  18. ATI all the way? Never had that on any of my old NVIDIA cards, not owned any after 2008 though
  19. Of course we would, great keyboard and you're good at reviewing. Look forward to it mate!
  20. Looks nice, great price. Could well buy one as a secondary mouse for Laptop Great review!
  21. It's an OCZ - 40GB though, got it when they'd just gone 'mainstream'
  22. I love SSD's! Only got 40GB that I run ArmA 2 off. It's got massive files that it streams textures off, so makes sense to run it off an SSD for better performance. Loads the scenery, land and textures quicker. Looks an awesome sale!
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