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  1. Surely, there's too much money involved for this to happen
  2. Hi there, What are you trying to achieve? To me it looks like it's an old PHP version, that doesn't support the newer variables.
  3. Jerry, don't be so rude. Chill is offering awesome advice!
  4. Hi there, Welcome to Geeksoup.net! We'll try our best to get this sorted as soon as possible. Boot with your Vista DVD and at the command prompt type chkdsk c: /p Let's see if theres any errors at all. You could also run the startup repair on the Vista DVD, it should fix any issues or atleast tell you if it finds any
  5. All Antec's have superb airflow, I have the 902 and it's awesome
  6. Marking solved and locking. Glad we could help
  7. Ah okay mate. Try reinstalling though, if not we'll try some more options!
  8. I'm going for no. The radiation from mobiles are harmless - they aren't powerful enough to cause damage. It's all a health scare, in my eyes
  9. Hi, You should try re installing Crysis. You tried comaptibility mode, run as admin?
  10. Great reply from ChiLL, but i'm going to say. Don't be scared, the motherboard will protect itself and turn the PC off if anything goes wrong and revert it back, it's sophisticated technology
  11. You won't see any noticeable performance increase by overclocking the graphics card, it's fairly pointless. However with the CPU, it's very worthwhile. Aslong as you keep the CPU temperature, fairly cool then you won't have any problems at all. Adequate cooling and knowing your limits will make it a fairly safe process. My CPU came overclocked, that's how safe it is
  12. Have you got latest version of DirectX? If not update it. Make sure you update all drivers, mouse, keyboard etc - it could be a bug. Try running the game in compatibility mode for XP, see if that works
  13. Audacity is one of the best!
  14. HTC Snap is awesome, as are all other HTC's. Massive fan of those phones
  15. Thrill

    SMF Citiez Theme

    You can't get a theme such as ours for free, it would be illegal and would breach our contract with the theme provider
  16. Thrill

    Lady Gaga

    Not a massiv e fan of her, she seems to annoy me
  17. Thrill


    I'm sure there's a few Modifications on the Sims Website
  18. Try this piece of software: http://www.themisteriosos.com/download-itunes-remover-remove-itunes-completely-windows.htm Then download the latest version of iTunes and install. The browser isn't to fault, it seems install related as CHiLL pointed out
  19. His IP is the same as Der-Kaiser-Walkers in many posts, it's most definitely him.
  20. Welcome buddy Out of curiosity, how did you hear about Geeksoup.net? Another thing, I have reason to believe you are Der Kaiser Walker who is currently banned (IP Addresses are the same!).
  21. 13 years, wow. Hopefully, after 13 years of development it's mind blowing
  22. Locking this, getting out of hand. Jake's been banned for a week - racism isn't tolerated here.
  23. Let's end this discussion, before it gets out of hand
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