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  1. Nah, it's definitely Facebook acting up. It's just the AJAX not loading, which provides the automatic refresh free status updates
  2. Today, I received my Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard I'll refer to it as the 'razer' throughout this review. First of all the packaging is awesome, well thought out and looks stunning. The manuals are also, well designed and thorough. The keyboard itself is pretty large, the buttons are smooth to the touch and they don't slip or get sweaty after an hour or so. The Razer comes with an LCD panel, that gives you the ability to pause/play music, stop music, skip tracks, turn volume up and down, and to change the lighting on the keyboard. The Caps/Num/Scroll Lock keys all light up blue when they'
  3. Thrill


    Emulators are awesome, really love 'em Great post.
  4. Awesome keyboard, love it
  5. What are your favourite online shops for buying computer parts? I'm a big fan of Overclockers (not too keen on there delivery options though) and eBuyer
  6. Suppose so, I'll see if it happens with me when I get it tomorrow. But like you said if it's intermittent, I won't know straight away
  7. Ah yeah, I remember you saying mate. How often does it happen?
  8. Just bought this keyboard for £64, including VAT and next day delivery. Looks an awesome keyboard, can't wait to test it out and review it!
  9. CS is the finest game ever
  10. Can't be good if SSL itself is getting hacked
  11. I forgot Chrome on my list, oops!
  12. Simply list your favourite software, I'm gonna go for Defraggler, CCleaner, iTunes, WinRAR & Filezilla
  13. I don't think we'll send in ground troops, I reckon Gaddafi will give up soon
  14. Very very nice, let's get this tweeted!
  15. This situations just escalated, into a partial war
  16. I'm not ruling out a software issue, but it's more than likely a hardware issue. Could be the jack, is there any way you could think of to test it's the jack?
  17. Hi there, Welcome to Geeksoup.net! Glad you're apart of the forum, and I'm sure you can bring good things to us!
  18. The only 'negative' effect I could think of is, noise. Higher fan speeds are gonna cause louder fans, which may be irritating (but who cares when you're in-game with headphones on!?) Fan life may decrease slightly, but they're made to run at the highest RPM. It's better the fan life decreasing than the CPU life
  19. I wouldn't think it would be that expensive, should be fairly cheap
  20. A great piece of info, would love to keep it updated. Thanks for the post!
  21. Ah right, glad we solved it!
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