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  1. Very nice review, and a very nice card!
  2. Just installed, no problems so far
  3. I don't think the PM will take the fact our best special forces have been captured. No, they're not secret services they're army special forces - best of the best :mrgreen:
  4. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12658054. Oh btw, the SAS are in my avatar. Big fan of special forces:)
  5. Will definitely be using this in the future!
  6. I'm starting to understand, most things revolve around oil
  7. Was a good night, and what do you think has broken?
  8. [table] [td] UK researchers are developing a synthetic petrol that could cost as little as 19p per litre. The future fuel, developed by Cella Energy in Didcot, ditches hydrocarbons for the cleaner, more abundant element hydrogen. It could be a fabulously efficient source of energy -- hydrogen has a much higher amount of potential energy than petrol in any given weight. It's notoriously difficult to deal with, however, as it has an unhelpful tendency to explode once it's mixed with oxygen. Cella says it's found a solution that will allow motorists to pour a hydrogen-based fuel directly
  9. Cheers for the heads up, a lot of users will find this informative
  10. Happy birthday Scott! Will see you tonight buddy
  11. I feel special, ha! Nice to be here :3 Aha, good! Hope to see you around
  12. Hi Blockii, Welcome to Geeksoup.net! You're our 250th member, congrats! Have a great time here! :mrgreen:
  13. Hows the Geeksoup.net textures coming along? Not sure who's working on them (or if it's going ahead) but it'd be awesome!
  14. Agreed, inspiring and heart warming
  15. Didn't know about that crafty little deal :suprised:
  16. I know a few of you like to strongly express your opinions. I've got a feeling theres gonna be a Libyan war pretty soon, all for oil again. US will want to enforce democracy, which will be a cover up to pinch their oil and we'll help the US as we always do Discuss
  17. Your eye's will be fine, it's CRTs, slow refresh rates and long periods of times that damage eyes. Just take regular breaks and change the font size and everything will be good
  18. Nice topic, wouldn't have known if it wasn't for this topic
  19. Hi syracuse, Does this issue only happen with DPI set to 200%?
  20. Great first topic/post, will come in useful to a lot of people PS: Moving to Gamers Lounge.
  21. Yes I am and nah, I'm not running SLI. No, I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430. Try rolling back a few versions, see if you have same problem?
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