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  1. I've been wondering about this myself. Are there any other benefits to upgrading your account? If you were looking for work, does it make you stand out any more compared to non upgraded users? Trying to see what it actually gets you.
  2. I use both, both have very similar results. But sometimes I can find something in Bing, that I couldn't in Google. Other times it goes the other way, it just depends on the subject I'm looking for. I prefer Bing over Google lately though.
  3. I first started learning the concept of databases by using Access 97 for work. I was always being asked to create them for projects. So I learned the concepts of how to normalize, and not duplicate data etc. My first databases were so bad, basically 1 big table with 20 columns lol. Then for fun, I wanted to learn PHP and MySQL so I started one of those Mafia Text based games to keep me motivated in it. So that helped me really get the concept of creating the proper tables and linking etc down. Since if I didn't do it right, it always burned me down the road when I wanted t
  4. I try and use external css as much as possible. The only time I can't is HTML emails (grrr) and for some internal tools, that don't allow it either. But otherwise, I use external sheets so I can reuse the code and that makes it easier to do site wide changes later on.
  5. I'm wondering if they will ever catch up to web standards? frustrating having to use tables so much still.
  6. I started mine with just me, then over time I added some moderators. Then again over time, as 'Car Audio' started to die in popularity my mods left. So currently I'm back to being the only one managing the forum. If it picks up again, I'll try and find someone to help out but for right now I actually don't need anyone. Nice thing about Vbulletin, it does a good job at auto moderating new users for spam.
  7. So I was reading the 'div or tables' thread, and that got me to thinking about emails. Has anyone had to do any work with these? If you're not familar, it's like going back into time and building sites from the late 90's Divs are pretty much not supported, and many styles are not either. It's so frustrating, when you think you finally got it but then you go and test and it looks terrible in one email client and not the other. Espeically frustrating when you do finally get it built, looking good in everything. But then you're client wants to change something, but sinc
  8. When I used to do sites on the side, my biggest issue was getting the customer involved and getting content back or approved. It seemed to happen every time, would say they would 'get that to me right away' and then never hear back. So I would end up having to make it up myself, but I guess if I was the customer I would want to be more involved in what my website said about my business.
  9. I got into web design a long time ago (mid 90s) working at a laptop company called NEC. I was originally hired there to be a technician on the line, to repair laptops that had issues. but they needed help in their engineering area, they were needing a solution where they could quickly update work instructions on the fly. So what they did was created an intranet and then put laptops up at each workstation. We then created a 'web page' for each work station that were the instructions for that area, included a video on how to perform that area and everything. I think it was really
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